Goal reached.

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Goal reached.

Postby lizashis » 29 Jul 2013 18:28

I haven't had a LD in such a long time. Last night felt like a very very large accomplishment. Of corse remembering everything couldn't be accomplished. I started out as me in a video game. Almost seeming like minecraft. I could make myself illuminate. Jus a small space around me brighter. Next thing I remember I'm running around some dark hallways. I remembered I could illuminate. I started using it. Not right away however. I couldn't figure it out. I really concentrated on trying to do it. I found when I clenched my abbs it worked. But the light would go out after a small amount of time. I ended up in the auditorium I have in my town, however there was a much larger amount of seats. I figured out I was lucid at this point. Or at least I knew for a second. I decided to try to jump from the back to the stage. I wanted to fly. I didn't though. Just jumped a fair amount and landed in a seat. I was surprised I made it that far (last time I tried flying I woke right up). I sat for a while. I think I remember talking to someone but I decided to get up and head towards the backstage doors. I think I tried to use the light trick again. The hallways went on way too long for how it should've been. When I got back there I could see straight onto stage. I don't believe I knew I was in a LD now but I felt like trying to change what everyone was watching on the stages screen. I stuck out my hand like I was in a movie. Out towards the screen. I remembered from something random that you have to see what u want I happen clearly in your head to make it happen. I decided to try to make a black with white spotted puppy with a white background image appear. It didn't quite work though. First the video currently playing just flickered. Then a picture of a different dog showed up. Suddenly I was on a different level of the stage high above. I was with a friend. We decided to climb down me first down a ladder-ish thing. Near the bottom I felt I wanted to jump even though I was far from the bottom still. I figured if I wasn't dreaming it may not have ended well. Then I was at the top of the seats in the auditorium. Lots of kids (high school kids) were walking towards their next classes. I saw a friend and thought about how I should try to push my thoughts into her head. She was behind me. Then she walked out from in front of me. As in another one of her. I started talking to her, the second one of her, thinking about how funny it was they would be in the same class together.

This is not only my first dream with the most lucid content in it, but my first dream I stayed lucid in the longest.

I would definitely say this is quite an accomplishment.

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