Ear plugs?

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Ear plugs?

Postby Lucidbassist » 31 Jul 2013 02:28


Ok so im making good progress with lucid dreaming, I have just had my 3rd, and this time was a WILD, it was an unbelievably sensual and empowering experience.

I know about techniques that prolonge lucid dreams, things like reminding yourself its a dream, focusing on details, looking at the palms of your hand, spinning, etc. and they have worked for me, however I keep getting woken up by someone in my house! by a simple sneeze or toilet flush, etc.

So far all 3 lucids have come to a sudden end due to a noise waking me up, what do you guys think? will ear plugs help filter these out and keep me in the dream longer? I have just tried guided meditation for the first time and im eager to keep using it, but I cant use ear plugs while listening to the meditation..

Any advice?

Thanks :)

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Re: Ear plugs?

Postby Feylix » 31 Jul 2013 04:54

I use ear plugs, and it works fine. It does not remove the sound completely in my case( unless I shove it so far in my ear it create pressure, which become painfull the next day). You get dampen the highest noises, and probably those waking you up.

Tried foam and wax plugs, foam doesent remove the sound as well, and takes ages to expand back, so you are stuck with that noise instead. Wax works best here for me.

But then again, listening to meditation doesen't go well with plugs.

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