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Postby Hobby » 01 Aug 2013 01:48

Hey Everyone. i Heard about lucid dreaming about 3-4 weeks ago and became very interested.
I Have a very Fond memory when i was 10 about lucid dreaming but i didnt know the great powers that is creates.
i have been trying very hard every night for about 3-4 weeks but i have had no luck. I have a dream journal and i am non stop thinking about it every time i got to bed. My phone has an alarm so that it will remind me to do reality checks every hour. Is there anything else that can help me?
Also when im trying to sleep i think so hard about lucid dreaming and i get so excited that i cant sleep.
As well, i had a dream last night that i wasn't dreaming? i Kept telling my self that i was awake, like i do when i do in my reality checks.
Does any one have any ideas that will be able to help me out ?
Much Appreciated. Lucid Hobby.

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Re: Help!

Postby tea » 03 Aug 2013 16:31

hi there! nice to see you're interested in lucid dreaming.
please make sure to use the right forum for your questions - that way it'll be much easier for everyone to keep track of what's going on, also it's more likely for your questions to be answered.
your post would match to the "For Beginners" section.
please also make sure to check whether similar questions have been answered before - that way we won't have a giant collection of threads with the same questions repeating over and over again.

however, here is what i can tell you:
- the very first thing you can do is to relax. many problems with lucid dreaming come up because people are trying too hard.
- having a reality check reminder is a nice thing, but don't force it. i recommend reminders for people who are new to the whole thing, but after a while reality checks should become second nature. (opinions vary of course, please read my tips and then sort out what sounds good to you)

As well, i had a dream last night that i wasn't dreaming? i Kept telling my self that i was awake, like i do when i do in my reality checks.

- so how exactly are you performing your reality checks? do you tell yourself that you are awake? if so: don't. the point of reality checks are to really ASK yourself whether this is a dream or not. REALLY question reality. like right now. you are reading my comment. but is it a dream? are you sure you're not dreaming? prove it. try to poke a finger through your other hand and EXPECT it to go through. really do.
that's a reality check.

whatever you're used to do when awake, becomes more and more likely to also do when dreaming. so when you do a RC by telling yourself that you're awake, the same thing will happen in your dream too. which means that you won't check whether this is a dream - you'll say to yourself that you are awake. so yeah, dreaming that you're convinced to be awake isn't that much of a surprise in this case ;)

- there are many other things you can do like doing more research. a good start is this forum and also the non-forum part of this website.

- also, subsribe to rebecca's free e-course. it's a great start for everyone who wants to learn the basics:

- oh and one more thing: before i said to relax. one way to do this is to realize that not only lucid dreams are awesome. regular dreams are too! you can learn a lot about yourself by observing and interpreting them. if that's nothing you want to do, just let them happen and collect them as if they were movies or something. whenever you go to sleep, don't just focus on lucid dreaming but also on dreaming itself.

hope this helped!
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