We're kickstarting a lucid dreaming mask!

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We're kickstarting a lucid dreaming mask!

Postby SleepWithRemee » 03 Apr 2012 17:46

Hey everyone.


We're two guys from Brooklyn who have been friends since highschool and lucid dreamers since childhood - but neither of us knew the other was interested until a chance conversation around a campfire 2 years ago. We talked a bunch about different lucid dreams we've had through the years, and tips/ methods. The conversation ultimately moved into a discussion about lucid dreaming masks - their potential benefits, but mostly their problems. Some were big and clunky, most were hard to use, and all were unreasonably expensive. It was from this conversation that Remee was born - a comfortable, affordable lucid dreaming mask. Here's what we'd love for you to know about Remee:

* It's comfortable. We wanted to make the experience of wearing Remee while you sleep as pleasant as possible - unencumbered by extra buttons and controls, with thin, low profile electronics and a coin cell battery you'd never know was in there.

* It's customizable. 6 high quality LEDs run across the back of Remee, allowing for the possibility of lots of interesting and easily recognizable patterns to play while you sleep. Additionally, thanks to our Bitbanging technology, all options for light patterns and timing are set using a web app rather than clumsily handled by onboard buttons and controls. (This is one of the coolest things about the mask - watch the video for a demo of bitbanging your settings!)

* It's hackable. Remee is fully compatible with the Arduino IDE. If you're so inclined, you'll be able to load whatever code you like on Remee and we'll be sure to create a tutorial to show you how. We are working on a simple way to hook an ISP to the board with no soldering or messy wires too.

* It can look however you like. The base model comes in 5 colors that we agonized over for weeks before finally flipping a coin, then throwing them all out and picking 5 new colors that we love. There's also 3 printed with NASA hubble imagery (we're space nerds, sorry). Even better, using a really cool process called [dye sublimation](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dye-sublimation_printer#Textiles), you can have basically any image you want printed to the front of your Remee, high quality, without fear of peeling or fading.

* It's obtainable. The number one turn off of the older style lucid dreaming masks is the price - often $500 or more. We're kickstarting Remee at $80 for the base model. The NASA ones are $100, and the custom choice is $150.

All in all, this represents a year or so of hard work for both of us and we're incredibly proud of what we created. We've tested these suckers out and both seen a marked increase in our number of lucid dreams (we'd be happy to talk about that more if you guys are interested), and we're really happy with the way they look and feel. More importantly, we're psyched about the prospect of bringing lucid dreaming to a larger group of people. We think it's pretty dumb that something so profound, so useful, so *fun*, is something a lot of us would be embarrassed to bring up in mixed company. We're happy to answer any questions you have below, and hope you'll support our kickstarter!

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Re: We're kickstarting a lucid dreaming mask!

Postby Arcadian » 03 Apr 2012 21:34

The idea sounds really cool! I like what you two are attempting to make for the lucid dreaming world because I doubt many lucid dreamers can afford the $500 masks previously available (I don't understand how a mask or the technology of timed-LEDs can be that expensive).

I would love to support it financially, however I have a few questions to ask before I do.

1- What is the success rate you've had on achieving lucidity while using the mask?

2- According to the kickstarter campaign, the masks will not be sold unless you reach $35K in pledges. Did I understand this correctly?

3- If I pledge $80 for the mask, but the campaign does not meet $35k, what will happen to my money?
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Re: We're kickstarting a lucid dreaming mask!

Postby ingestiblebulk » 06 Apr 2012 15:25

This looks fantastic. I noticed that you guys have already gotten well past your goal on kickstarter, so I hope to be able to buy one in the near future. I do have one question, though: how flexible is the mask? Your video doesn't really show anyone actually wearing it, and for some reason it looks sort of rigid to me.

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Re: We're kickstarting a lucid dreaming mask!

Postby cmeindaclub » 14 May 2012 08:23

Hi SleepWithRemee I Purchased the remee today from kickstarter and am Very impressed with what you two have set out to accomplish,
I was wondering in your promotional video, you were able to configure the remee from the website,
would you make offline software for free also? so you didn't need internet access all of the time.

Anyway i wish you all the very best in sales :D
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