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wilding help

Postby evermore » 03 Apr 2012 18:06

This is my third night trying this and I know i just need to keep trying but i need help with transitioning between the weird lights part or what ever its called into visualization of my dream scene.Please. help because I'm new and have no real idea on how to start visualizing and when to do it. Again i know i also just need to keep trying.
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Re: wilding help

Postby Rebecca » 20 Apr 2012 00:11

What time of night do you WILD?

I'd suggest waking yourself from a dream* and then try dream re-entry with the WILD technique. It's a lot easier to go back in because your brain was dreaming just moments before.

*To do this, use an app that detects REM sleep such as:

...or employ a bit of guess work and set your alarm clock to wake you during the REM phase at the end of your estimated sleep cycles. For example, set your alarm at 4.5 hrs and 6 hrs and 7.5 hrs after going to sleep. This stands the best chance of waking you after your 3rd and 4th and 5th sleep cycles:
(You can tweak the timing as needed, and take into account extra time for falling asleep. Every time you go back to sleep, practice WILD.)

I'm planning an article on How To Visualize for the techniques section - keep an eye out for it:
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