The cheat for lucid dreams

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The cheat for lucid dreams

Postby Oneirophile » 04 Aug 2013 20:48

Having been lucid dreaming for a few years, I only really started concentrating on it a year ago. Since then I've had about 25 LDs, from five seconds up to a few minutes. I never had enough time to become truly adept although I was fairly successful as far as I took it, even if stabilisation could have been worked on a bit harder.

Anyway, to cut to the juicy bit: I've just read a book called Advanced Lucid Dreaming: The Power of Supplements by Thomas Yuschak. The first time I did what it said I had about three LDs in one night, lasting about an hour in total – far longer and more involved than normal. And all it took was two (different) pills.

It's like the Olympics: you can train – with reality checks etc – for LDs or you can cheat/take a shortcut with (legal) drugs. Me, I now do both.

Elsewhere on this site, Rebecca says of this book: "Simply the most effective approach to inducing lucid dreams and out of body experiences."

And she also talks about it here, at the bottom of this page:

The technique is not recommended for under 18s, and I don't want to reveal it – you need to read the author's explanations and warnings before trying it.

The naughtier among you will be able to find the pdf online but others can buy it via the link four lines up (which I hope gives Rebecca a small commission).

After a year of patchy successes, long and stunning LDs are now on tap for me.

Have fun.

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Re: The cheat for lucid dreams

Postby LucidLink » 04 Aug 2013 22:13

I actually purchased the book, read the entire thing, purchased every supplement he discusses, and tried most of them.

The only problem? My lucid dreams still end didnt help at all. So I'm curios which two did you take to fix this problem? I even posted a topic about my problem with this today.

Last night I took choline and the G, and it did induce 5 lucid dreams, which is far more then I normally have in one night, the only problem was, all 5 where still only minutes long and I managed to accomplish nothing!!

It's so frustrating because the supplements are a powerful treat, but it's a waste of the powerful treat if if the lucid dreams are only minutes long and I can't accomplish anything!

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