Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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Ok now that I got your attention I can tell you about me....not to sound stuck up. So I'm not gonna say my name or personal stuff. I'm just gonna tell you stuff about me that has to do with dreams. So here we go. When I was but 10 years old I had this idea. I thought. That if I were to stick my hand out close my eyes and think about about having an ice cream in my hand it would appear....if I were in a dream. So everyday I would randomly do this. ,this was years before I new anything about lucid dreams in General. Well one day it finally worked. I had my first lucid dream. You can look at it on my other topic called my first lucid dream. After that for some reason I don't know I just completely stoped. I forgot or didn't care but I just stoped reality checking. That was my last thing that had to do with dreaming and lucidity till 2 years later.(last year) I was thinking about being able to do whatever I want in a dream. So I looked up on Google " how to controlling your dreams." I had found this website. At the moment I found it I became obsessed with lucid dreaming and tried my best to try and get another one. Sadly the only one I have had (which I don't really count) was were I was doing something when suddenly I thought "....wait.... is this a dream!!!!" Which after I immediately woke up from. I'll many post that dream another time. For the whole summer I was up till 2:00 in the morning reading about lucid dreaming. I even started reality checking and meditating (even at school which was a huge mistake lol) having a dream journal and even trying to wild as a desperate measure. I got close but was never able to though. I gave up till recently I have been thinking about it more. I even started a profile on this website which I was able to be for. Recently I was close to but I'll post that another time. So that's it. That's my story on lucid dreaming and my obsession. Thanks for reading and if you have tips please comment them. Also don't mind any typos. I have auto correct lol :mrgreen:
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No cookies for you for making a silly topic headliner.


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