Bruxism and LD

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Bruxism and LD

Postby NoeLia » 08 Aug 2013 03:15

Hi! I'm glad i found this forum :)

I have bruxism since i'm like 5 years old. Since I started trying lucid dreaming, i've noticed that in some of my LD when i'm conscious of my dream i start to feel pain in my teeth, and I can hear the noise they make! and even if from my head i try to make it stop, i can't. Its really painful, I don't know if any of you have dreamed of some kind of pain, something that hurts really bad, and when you wake up you notice that is just your hand under your body or your finger trapped in your sheets. It's something like that, the pain is impossible to ignore.

Do you have any information about bruxism and LD? sometime ago I thought that LD would be good for this kind of "problem" but in my case it's making it worse, because i'm counscious of the pain.

Sorry for my english :) it's not my native language. :)

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Re: Bruxism and LD

Postby tea » 10 Aug 2013 23:20

your english is perfectly fine, don't worry about it!

to be honest, i don't know much about bruxism - but i'm gonna go learn everything about it i can.

how far have you examined your own situation? i mean, do you know WHY you're having it? am i being right, when saying that i guess it has something to do with suppressed anger - or something like that? what happened back then, when you were 5? any significant changes in your life?

anyway, i'm gonna go learn whatever i can about bruxism and apply that to what i know about LD. maybe i'll be able to give some helpful answers...
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