Thinking a lucid dream is real....

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Thinking a lucid dream is real....

Postby HAGART » 14 Aug 2013 18:58

Has this ever happened to you?
It happened this morning and a few other times in the past for me.

This morning, I was in a room that felt like a hotel room with two beds. I was making objects fly to my hand for the fun of it like I had the Jedi Force. Then I noticed the room was a mess, full of clutter and objects of mine that I needed to pack. So I just used the Force to sort them all into piles and throw garbage away. In my dream-logic mind I thought that my lucid dream powers had become a reality when I was awake and didn't even think much of it. It just seemed normal. Perhaps having frequent lucid dreams, allows us to do lucid type behavior in non-lucid dreams without finding them odd, because we grow accustomed to them.

There have been some other times when I feel I am living in a different dimension and even tell others in the dream about it. I was with family and my Grandfather was there, who had died in 1999. I said, "Where I come from, in my dimension, he is dead". That seemed more logical to me at the time than simply realizing HEY, this is a dream!

And one time I was in a car in the back seat and wondered where I was being taken and nobody else in the car knew either and there was no driver. I got really angry and thought that somebody had hijacked me and put me in a virtual reality. I left the car and started to harass the people in the streets and demanded to know who was in charge! D'Oh! It's so easy to realize in hindsight.

Although these are not the same as regular dreams, they aren't quite lucid either. Or maybe semi-lucid with an idiotic dream logic that just makes sense at the time.
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Re: Thinking a lucid dream is real....

Postby tea » 15 Aug 2013 09:46

yeah, although lucid parts of our minds still seem to be sleeping. dream-logic is such a fun thing and being lucid doesn't really change that.

i'm gonna go through my dream journal because i have some examples there.. ^^

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Re: Thinking a lucid dream is real....

Postby LucidLink » 15 Aug 2013 18:29

Yes, I've noticed while lucid dreaming I can come to some very Incorrect odd conclusions that are clearly not gonna work while awake.

For instance, I'm currently staying with my friend in his room, and during one lucid dream I thought I was seeing him from reality in my dream, and I had to wake myself up to see him in reality to make sure it was really him. I wake myself up, realizing how dumb this idea was because he is just laying there asleep like a normal night.

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Re: Thinking a lucid dream is real....

Postby deschainXIX » 16 Aug 2013 02:48

Yeah, I think it all revolves around your layer of lucidity. (That is, your level of awareness). I have had thoughts in dreams that are extremely illogical, like you are describing. But, then again, in one of my first lucid dreams, I was roaming the dreamscape and I guess my ears weren't totally paralyzed ... because I could hear what was going on in my house. While in the dream, I heard my little brother watching a TV show in reality and I was able to make the distinction between the dream's audio and reality's audio.
Well said.

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Re: Thinking a lucid dream is real....

Postby NOCOOKIEFORYOU » 18 Aug 2013 22:08

once i was having a nonlucid dream were i was walking in a place very light and at one point i open a door to a bathroom were there are lots of people talking about there dreams they had the night before. they yell at me to get out . so i did how could i not get that sign at all. stupid me :(

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Re: Thinking a lucid dream is real....

Postby ESPer » 28 Aug 2013 09:27

I always believe that my dreams are real. I consider them quite real, tangible experiences in another realm/dimension, or what have you. Every bit as real as me typing here & now, if not more. That may help me to stay asleep?
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