I Need Answers.

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I Need Answers.

Postby Silvas » 15 Aug 2013 11:19

I want to know what this dream means...

This Dream begins with me walking through a long hallway. I look to my left and a door that wasn't there before appeared before my eyes. I enter this door to be confronted with darkness. The door shuts behind me as i walk into the room, and a dim light turns on, just enough light for me to see a strange mirror on the wall.The edge of the mirror is covered in strange runes, and they start to glow red as i walk closer. Suddenly the room's walls, ceiling, and furnishings dissappear, leaving me in a dark void with the mirror. I walk up to it and i start to see my normal reflection, and i sigh in relief. This is when something strange happens, as i notice that my reflection doesn't move. The reflection then walks foward, almost touching the mirror, and starts to change. I watch in horror as my hair turns white, my skin and clothes turn darker, and my eyes... my eyes turn from brown to bright amber in coloration. My reflection starts to flash from its current state to my normal reflection, and back again. The reflection of me, when in its "demonic" form has a creepy grin on its face, and when its normal it just has a blank expression, effectivly scaring the living hell out of me. I start to scream, and the reflection shifts forms even faster, almost to a blur... and i wake up.

If anyone has had any experiences closely matching this dream or has any interpretation of what it might mean, i would be grateful if you responded. Thank You

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Re: I Need Answers.

Postby mikeg313 » 30 Aug 2013 06:21

Could be that you simply been watching horror movies and enjoy them, or that you play a Roll Playing Games. If this is the true then sometimes your dream them especially if it the last thing your are thinking before you fall asleep.

I have had similar dreams from watching too many zombie films.

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Re: I Need Answers.

Postby Knife » 30 Aug 2013 09:35

So from the moment the furnishings dissapear and you only see yourself you become scared. You're reflection, so actually you, start to change. It becomes a demonic form and you're afraid of it.

My interpretation (subjective): You're a materialistic person. You hide the real you behind material objects because you're scared of it, or you don't like it (thats why it became a demonic form). When the material objects dissapear you are scared of what will happen.

Does this make any sense?

Sorry if I offended you but I only base this on that dream and don't know you as a person.
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Re: I Need Answers.

Postby VingTsun » 23 Sep 2013 02:22

I have a really good idea of what your subconscious is trying to tell you. First things first it is VERY VERY common to see yourself in a distorted and usually creepy manner when looking into any reflection in a dream. the fact that you were forced into a situation were there was literally nothing but you and the mirror tells me that YOU are forcing yourself to take a good look at yourself, unfortunately only you can tell yourself why.
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Re: I Need Answers.

Postby taniaaust1 » 26 Sep 2013 07:31

This Dream begins with me walking through a long hallway. I look to my left and a door that wasn't there before appeared before my eyes. I enter this door to be confronted with darkness.

Your dream is probably refering to something in your past. You are looking back into your past eg the door was on your left, left usually symbolises the past. The "darkness" symbolises problems (or things happening in your life which you didnt understand)
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Re: I Need Answers.

Postby Silvas » 20 Mar 2014 06:12

I am extremly sorry I couldn't respond sooner, but i figured it out.
Apparently, according to VingTsun, I was forcing myself to look at myself, which i figured out was indeed true, but Taniaaust1 is the one who put it together, so to speak.
Short Answer, my past is/was hectic, confusing, and sad, and i was forcing myself to look at my past through the mirror. The "Being" in the mirror was like a manifestation of my past, and also the toll it took on me. So, in short, my Consiousness at the time, had "split" itself into two, one "good" and the other one "evil", and showed me that my past is heavily influencing my future/present, and how to reverse the process.
I have since come to peace with my past, however, that dream still lurks at the back of my mind, as a horrifying reminder of what the past can do to me.

Thank you so much for your help, everyone of the four people who replied.


(Also, nowhere in that dream did i achieve lucidity, or even semi-lucidity. Heck, if i had control, i wouldv'e entered the mirror and beat the crap out of that... thing. Just an FYI)

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