How To Become Someone Else In Lucid Dreams?

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How To Become Someone Else In Lucid Dreams?

Postby LucidDreamer420 » 17 Aug 2013 07:36

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to lucid dreaming. Well that's if you consider around 2 to 3 months new lol, but I've been trying and trying!

Lol but what I wanted to know is how to become someone else in lucid dreams? or change your body in lucid dreams?

I'm slightly overweight and although it may sound odd, I've always wondered what it's like to be huge and physically fit like a bodybuilder. I figured that I could see what it's like in a lucid dream. I can either become some of the bodybuilders I do know in my dream or transform myself in a dream to look like them.

Do you guys know what I can do once in a dream that I could do this? Like meditating or focusing etc.? If anyone could help that'd be great, thanks you guys ^^

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Re: How To Become Someone Else In Lucid Dreams?

Postby tea » 20 Aug 2013 00:14

just a quick question as a start: how much experience do you have in lucid dreaming? i mean, you said you're fairly new.. but have you had LDs before?

anyway, to your question: it really depends on your imagination - or better expectation. see, with the right technique you can easily 'trick' you mind into changing your physical appearance, without much imagination work.

things that come to my mind immediately (although i haven't tried any of them):
- find [or manifest] a dream character that looks like you wanna look. then take over their body.
- get in front of a mirror, cover up your reflection with your hand and then expect to see the reflection of the body you wanna have when you uncover the mirror*. when it worked, look down and see that you now look like that.

*maybe it can help when moving your hand ever so slightly so that you can only see your arm at first - and when it looks like you want it to, slowly uncover the rest of your body.

i'm sure people will come up with other ideas that could work. keep it up, and keep on posting! i'd love the hear the results!
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Re: How To Become Someone Else In Lucid Dreams?

Postby deschainXIX » 20 Aug 2013 02:16

I've never done or even tried this. But for changing your physical body in dreams, here's my input.
I find it very easy to switch into a 3rd person mode of viewing the world. If this comes easy for you, do this. If not, don't.
Once you are in third person, either:
-try "selecting" a morphing super power and morph into what you want
-"molt" your skin and become the person beneath.

There, that's my input. :)
Well said.

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Re: How To Become Someone Else In Lucid Dreams?

Postby Jacob46719 » 28 Aug 2013 04:08

I have been working on Shapeshifting. So far, the something that has worked was [a] to expect it to happen, and [b] imagine what it would feel like.
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Re: How To Become Someone Else In Lucid Dreams?

Postby Son Of Somnus » 30 Aug 2013 02:57

It's kind of like the matrix, your appearance in dreams is your residual self image, the mental projection of your dream self.
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