Was this an LD?

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Was this an LD?

Postby TNZ » 05 Apr 2012 11:24

So this is about two weeks into my LD training and I'm going to sleep using the WILD technique. I get to the hypnagic images and start seeing a tennis match. Somewhere I lose consciousness. Next thing I know I'm in my house absurd ask the question: Am I dreaming? I feel as though something rushed into my head and I get ex uterus, vut quickly calm myself down. I go up to the light and look at my fingers for a reality check. I looked at my palm and saw the A and counted my fingers; some of them disappeared when I counted. I thought that I would try flying first, so I went outside. It was somewhat cloudy outside so I willed it to rain. It did and it downpoured. I willed it to stop as I was jumping somewhat higher than I should be, about 7 feet, and floating slowly back down. The rain did stop and I decided the change the scene into a more suitable flight area. I imagined.my driveway, long and straight, and turned around. There I was. I started running forward and jumping, trying to get higher and beat the gravity that wasn't there. My visualization wasn't the best because to my left was a city. Three goons were there and i wanted to try something out. I willed myself to become invisible. I looked at my arm and after a few moments nothing happened. My arm then began to slowly disappear. When my arm was gone I smiled and tackled one of the goons. I turned visible again but the willed to be invisible when one goon pulled a gun out. I jumped off and ran away a bit. Then I thought about lightning and pointed at one of them. A doodle of a lightning came down and struck a guy in the head and written words BOOM came out. The same thing happened to the other two.I left and explored the city a bit. Eventually I found a street that was like a bouncy castle, so i tried to jump higher with it. I was flipping and doing midair tricks when a friend jumped next to me and told me that the tricks don't male me jump as high, so I stopped. The street ended and I decided to go to New York City. I closed my eyes and imagined a road and turned around. There I was. There was also this toystore that I decided to go into. There was this very loving couple and an old grandma that reminded me of Psycho. I got lost and ended up in the basement, where two teens where trying to brake into a safe. I wished them luck and went for the other door out. I heard a voice call to me saying "SPD leave now". Some police department. I left and a friend told me that if I got something for her she would help me with LDing. I agreed and left the toystore with her. My alarm went off and I woke up.

I would be convinced that this was a LD if it was vivid. This dream was blurry. I'm asking whether I had an LD, partial or not. I think I remember that I felt my muscles when I was jumping and the rain on my body and me tackling the person. Everything in the dream I felt, but since it wasn't fully vivid ( I have 20/20 vision) and some things were out of control (like the goons showing up and the toystore). Need some info I'm really curious and excited thanks.

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Re: Was this an LD?

Postby Dreamscape101 » 20 May 2012 16:16

I just had my first Lucid dream a couple of days ago and, lucid nor semi-lucid you are lucky to have one this cool! It was definitely a form of lucidity. I got that same head rushing feeling and I'm glad someone else experienced it too! If your dream was blurry, I would say semi-lucid, but as you had so much control over the dream (which I never got) I would say full-on lucid! You should try looking at the ground and spinning around next time you lucid dream, apparently it increases clarity. Have fun lucid dreaming! :)

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Re: Was this an LD?

Postby torakrubik » 20 May 2012 23:30

Yes you were lucid :) remember lucidity levels are entirely independent of control or clarity. The only thing that changes how lucid you are is how aware you are in the dream. You appear to be fully aware that you're dreaming throughout the majority of your dream, so i would say that you experienced a high level of lucidity.

On the subject of control, if you can change the weather at will, you're more than capable of simply demanding clarity, and then watch everything sharpen into glorious detail!
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Re: Was this an LD?

Postby HAGART » 21 May 2012 05:36

Lucid and Vivid are two different concepts.

However you can be half lucid. I remember a dream in which I knew it wasn't real, but thought that I was in a virtual world. My mind made up a story to support it. I thought I was a rich person in real life and was now attached to a dream machine that I had paid to enter. It was vivid, but not full on lucid.

Once lucid it's a whole new ball game. Even if it isn't as vivid as you want it to be.
Consciously controlling it means that you were lucid.
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