Strangest Memorable dream ive ever had!!!!

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Strangest Memorable dream ive ever had!!!!

Postby jacob917100 » 21 Aug 2013 09:23

Hi I have never done this before because I never really take much notice of my dreams but this dream is very different to any thing I have ever experienced so I wanted to find out what it means.

I was in a big modern house in a massive king sized bed and there with me was Harry styles (this makes no sense to me as I don't like one direction don't mind the music but nothing else) it's dark. I feel so different in this dream I feel all warm and fuzzy I have never felt like this in a dream before so that's why I felt I needed to get this interpreted. This dream is recurring I had it 2 nights in a row and it sometimes it was during the day.

Also after I had those dreams the next night I had another dream where I had a older brother (which I don't have but always wanted) i was in my bedroom exactly as it is now and it was pretty much the same but he was my brother and in my room exactly as it is now.

The reason I contact you this time is because the next day I felt very shaken up and wierd and its really getting to me.

Can I please have some help interpreting this because I have racked my brains over and over and it's really starting to wind me up because I cannot understand this I have trialled the Internet and I always get no answer which really annoys me.

Thanks for reading

And thank you in advance for all your help

This was a non lucid dream athough I do lucid dream

P.S. I never normally remember my dreams but these are very memorable therefore this must mean somthing.

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Re: Strangest Memorable dream ive ever had!!!!

Postby VingTsun » 23 Sep 2013 02:44

Im sorry to see that there are no replies here, i have also had dreams that invoked such powerful emotions in such a random way that nothing i search for can seem to produce answers. dont wind yourself up about having a positive emotional experience, that is just sily no matter how confusing it is. At the very least take it as it is, and appreciate having that brother you always wanted for a short time.
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Re: Strangest Memorable dream ive ever had!!!!

Postby addseo2015 » 27 May 2015 10:57

I have trialled the Internet and I always get no answer which really annoys me.
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Re: Strangest Memorable dream ive ever had!!!!

Postby jasmine2 » 28 May 2015 04:26

It seems like your dream about the singer, Harry Styles, was related in some way to your other dream about wanting to have an older brother.

Over the years, I have had a number of dreams about famous people or other role models, who seem to posses some quality which resonates with me emotionally, either as having traits or abilities which I would like to develop in myself, or as having a personality which would make them attractive as a friend and companion (at least in the imagination).

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