New Super Mario Bros (DREAM EDITION)

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New Super Mario Bros (DREAM EDITION)

Postby Creator » 23 Aug 2013 19:01

I was "somehow" playing new super mario bros ... I didn't even have a controller in my hand, I was just looking at the screen, and I was playing it... It looked pretty crappy, "pixelated, like in mario bros 1" so then i was running, and then luigi popped up onto my screen out of nowhere, NOBODY ELSE WAS PLAYING! So I'm like "wtf"? so I started speed running, and the screen was moving fast, then when the screen moved too fast, luigi just died. I'm like "oh thank god it's over, who the hell was that?" so then all of a sudden the screen freezes, then it pixelates into that sandy world, the one with the sand, the desert, i guess... ._. then.. there were those annoying huge sand things, that pop out of the ground, like a fountain, the last thing i did, was jump on one... then i woke up.
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Re: New Super Mario Bros (DREAM EDITION)

Postby Jacob46719 » 26 Aug 2013 23:47

Don't give up on your dreams! Keep sleeping...

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