Lucid wannabe

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Lucid wannabe

Postby Cris_MO » 23 Aug 2013 19:02

I've been trying to have lucid dreams for decades and the three I had were spontaneous, none with good results. I've tried a number of protocols, including four-letter acronyms, binaural beats and isochronic whatevers. I've not tried herbs or supplements yet, as I'm unsure about them.

After all that, I've never been able to program a lucid dream. I'll relate the three dreams in the Sharing Your Dreams forum. (I think that's what it's called.) I even tried cheddar cheese, one of the various cheeses mentioned in the articles, last night after reading several articles on the subject. Still nothing.

Love to hear from more experienced users. Thanks.

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Re: Lucid wannabe

Postby Tylanni » 23 Aug 2013 19:50


Wow, that is a long time! Are you doing at least ten reality checks per day? Meditating? Dream journaling? Let me know, maybe I can help.

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Re: Lucid wannabe

Postby Cris_MO » 23 Aug 2013 22:22

Tylanni wrote:Welcome! Wow, that is a long time! Are you doing at least ten reality checks per day? Meditating? Dream journaling? Let me know, maybe I can help.

Admittedly, I haven't been able to really get into reality checks because they seem to cheesy and silly, although I have tried using them, but probably not ten times in any given day.

I have kept a dream journal from time to time, the last time a recorded journal. I kept a little digital recorder next to my bed. Neither seemed to help me recall my dreams, however.

It seems my inability to focus has hampered me both in my sleeping and in my waking states. And my inability to remember to do any programming before I go to sleep. However, I do on occasion try and program a dream before I go to sleep, from dealing with health issues to just having a lucid dream, but nothing has ever come out of them.

One strange thing, though. I mentioned taking cheddar cheese (3 oz.) before going to bed last night. According to the articles I read, about 50+ percent of those in the study dreamed of celebrities. Well, nothing happened. Later in the day, I was just relaxing on my bed and fell asleep. I had the most curious dream, little in detail that I remember. But the gist of it was the American armed forces had turned their big war machines on American citizens.

One little bit had me under water watching a girl swimming under water and seeing a depth charge land near her, not detonating when it hit bottom. It was probably on 10-12 feet deep. Then, I watch her swim to land and get out before it went off, although I didn't ever hear it go off. I remember thinking, "Hurry, hurry," or something like that.

Then I saw a plane come down upside down between facing tall buildings. It was probably a drone, as it had to be small enough to fit between the two buildings which faced each other across a city street, not unlike NYC. It got down to just above the street level and started firing machine gun fire into the opposite building from where I was, from both sides of the fucilage at an oblique angle.

I seemed to be bounced around from place to place. I even saw a gathering place of super heroes (celebrities?) where one rang some of bell-like thing, although it wasn't a bell, to call all them together to apparently meet this new challenge. Someone, a woman, said something to me to the effect that I should rely on my faith and let God take care of things. I responded, "That's what the Avengers are supposed to do." I mean, how cheesy is that?

There was a lot more, including starting to put those things most important to me in garbage bags and loading them into a large van of some sort to escape to God-knows where. I started grabbing my music.

The dreams I've been having lately, while not lucid, seem real enough—they always do. And I almost never am able to identify the people who appear in them, except in this case, the Avengers.

I truly cannot tell the difference between reality and the dream state when I am in a dream. I've done things like look at my hands, Casteneda style, seen things that I know are not real but cannot seem to identify them as dream-induced, like in this case, the Avengers, and some of the other things I've seen.

I just got up from that dream and wanted to comment on it in here, then saw you had dropped by, which provided me the perfect place.

I've never been very good at meditating. It's hard to stay still that long, although while lying down just previous to this dream, I was relaxing without intending it to be so, not thinking of anything in particular, probably the closest I've come to meditating, although doesn't meditating have some sort of purpose in mind?

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