Recurring dreams i use to have.

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Recurring dreams i use to have.

Postby caufenkamp » 24 Aug 2013 07:18

When i was younger, from ages to 12-16, i would periodically have the same dream over and over. The dream only came to me though when i was at my grandfathers place.

While driving a golf cart through the thicket of trees located at my grandfathers place, it would suddenly flip over. I usually had three friends with me, though the friends themselves would change each time. As we all get to our feet i would look in the distance to see a pack of wolves running down a gravel road towards us. The scenery is the same every time as well. There would be a corn field as far as the eye could see, two grain bins, and a red barn. I can not remember anything else scenery wise. As my friends ran back into the woods, i would stay and try to flip the cart back up. Eventually the wolves would close in on me and attack. The attack sequence was always the same. One wolf would grab my arm and i would fling him to the side. Then two others would grab each of my arms. I would then swing them both around making a full 360 before seeing the final wolf would be in mid air coming straight for my neck. Right before he would latch onto me i would always wake up in sweat.

The three beginning wolves were all always grey but the final wolf would be black. Im not sure as to what i was wearing or any of the others at any time.

Well thats one of my recurring dreams :). Please feel free to try and interpret it or comment on it in any way.

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Re: Recurring dreams i use to have.

Postby plokmi76 » 24 Aug 2013 17:17

Whoa, your dream sounds really interesting! (albeit a little dark) But here goes...

Alright, the way I see it, is it possible that you are afraid of losing something( as represented by your 3 friends) at your grandfather's house? Seeing that it only happens at your grandfather's place.

No idea what a golf cart could indicate though... some means of transportation? When it flips over, perhaps it is an indication of a sudden change, completely unexpected(maybe the need to adapt to a new environment?) Your 3 friends might be something(s) you carry, or something(s) you value? And the wolves approaching would be the possibility of losing these items/ values/ old habits etc.

Is the scenery the exact scenery you'd see around your grandfather's house? Because if that's the case, I'd think the scenery is just a reinforcement of the location of your grandfather's house. As your friends(valued items/habits/values) flee into the forest(getting lost/ running away from being threatened), you stay behind to protect them(wanting them to be safe, to be with you in the future), attempting to fix the one thing (that you think) can help you escape(to help you keep these items/values/habits).

However, there may not be enough time to adapt to the change (the wolves arriving in no time) and this threat starts to attack you. Perhaps the sequence of which they attack your arms indicates that this threat affects you the same way every time, and that you always feel so helpless against such a threat ( our arms are, after all one of our most well used tools of our body). As for the number and colours, perhaps each time you encounter this threat, it appears in 3 stages? 1st: a single problem arises, which you deal with quickly and solve it. 2nd: 2 problems arise, debilitating you. All of which have been grey-bad, but not the worst. However, the 3rd stage is when a black wolf(the ultimate deal breaker, absolutely nothing good about it,perhaps the greatest problem?) attacks your vulnerable spots, fully causing you to lose your life, maybe representing the fact that you can no longer protect what you desire to keep safe.

Well, there's my take on your interesting dream ^^ (just speculating here, but )Perhaps it's homesickness? you miss your old habits and material stuff at home, and in the process of visiting and staying the night, your old habits and routines become threatened as they cannot manifest themselves in your grandfather's house as they could before at home? At first, it's just a slight urge to return home(1 wolf), then the desire grows stronger(2 wolves) and stronger until it becomes really great(black wolf) and you become completely uncomfortable in the new environment. All this happens in a short time period(wolves reaching before fixing the cart), making you feel really afraid and uncomfortable.

(Assuming you don't actually feel really fearful at his house,)as time passes, and given sufficient time to get used to the new place, you won't feel so badly affected by it, which might be seen as having sufficient time to fix the cart and escaping, explaining the fact that you don't exactly feel threatened when you stay at your grandfather's house. So, this dream might only be valid for the first day or so of the visit :)

Anyways, this is just my perspective on it^^ Hope it helps! :D

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