Adventure on a Alien Planet

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Adventure on a Alien Planet

Postby flowofmysoul » 31 Aug 2013 10:23

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Appeared in a beautiful green valley, had different feelings from the begging of this dream. I had some difficulties controlling my body, looked at my self to see if I am the same and to my shock I did not look like human at all. I had two legs and two arms, and I guess one head. Surface of my body looked like dolphin skin, light and dark blue colors, I made few more movements and I started to feel better, the more I moved the more control I had. The less I thought about how to move the better I could move, my new body was extremely powerful compared to human body, I could run faster and jump higher. I knew that I am male, don't ask me how, I just felt so Looked around, everything looked similar to earth except for some strange violet plants. I knew that my home is straight ahead so I went there, was running for a while and over a cliff I saw a village. That village was under attack, I noticed that everybody used simple cold weapons and bows, no guns, no advanced weapons. Creatures that attacked our village looked different from me, they were humanoid type too, but their skin was black color and they had different body. Village was almost destroyed, I understood that there is no chance to save it. I decided to run to my previous location, I moved away and looked back and saw another creature sitting on the edge of that cliff and looking at the village, I also noticed that it looked exactly like me. I was afraid that they will capture it and I went there to help. When I moved closer I realized that it was a female, I was about to grab her and pull her off that cliff to make sure nobody sees her, when I heard they said something very loud. Somebody attacked us from the right and everything happened so fast, I was able to move away and attack them, I looked back at her and saw her sitting on the floor, she was hit by something that looked like an arrow. I took her and ran away from there, I removed that arrow from her body and I knew that she only needs some time, her wounds would heal by them self. She was unconscious, but I kept running away, was holding her on my hands.

I did not know where to take her, I was running to a forest, when I entered that forest I realized how different this planet is, most of the trees and plants looked very different. Everything was so strange for me that I could not comprehend what is safe and what is not, where are animals and where are plants. All I needed was a safe place to leave her there and let her heal. From time to time i saw something like liquid membrane. It looked like a wall, like a portal, it was dark green color, it was closing and opening every few seconds. At my right there was one membrane, I jumped in and appeared somewhere out of that forest. Looked back and saw that green liquid membrane behind me.There was a downhill, so I ran down all the way. In front of me I saw a green valley, on the left very far I saw some mountains and on the right I saw a river, on the right there was some kind of a small farm. Around that farm there were animals that reminded me of cows. My first thought was that it could be that safe place that I was looking for. I looked around to make sure that there are no black creatures around there and i was moving towards the shore. Ahead of me on the left there was something like a small cave, I decided to hide her there. As soon as I left her there I decided to go out and find some help, I wanted to find anybody else who looks like me. I went back to that farm and looked around again, this place looked pretty peaceful. I was going upwards back to the place where i came from and i noticed that on this planet everything looked so deceptively, like invisible walls that are covering some specific objects and areas. It was like corridors, in my corridor I could see everything that is in front of me, if I moved 1 kilometer to the right i could see completely different area in front of me. I moved upwards to the place where i came from.

I wanted to check if that liquid membrane would take me exactly to the same forest where I came from. I moved to a new corridor and everything changed like it did in other corridors. I was going upwards on that hill and then I looked to the right and saw something very scary, bodies of creatures like me were hanging in lines like carcass meat. There were hundreds of them there and I saw new small creatures examining them, like they were doing some experiments. It looked like some kind of biological laboratory. I was really scared and I understood that i was wrong and this place is not safe at all. I went back to my corridor where I came from and I was looking for those small creatures somewhere near that farm and around the shore. I worried about the girl I left in the cave, she supposed to heal there but I knew that I could do a mistake and leave her to them. So i ran to her as fast as possible, on my way to her I was thinking what to do, I got even more confused. Those corridors, liquid membranes, that lab, strange forest, everything was so complicated, I had no idea where to go, where can I hide her now... I was really really worried about her, I almost reached that cave when my wife woke me up. Due to circumstances I could not get back to sleep and I have no idea what happened to that woman in my dream.

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