I don't know anymore.

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I don't know anymore.

Postby long.t.du » 02 Sep 2013 07:00

Well recently every time I sleep there's this guy or someone like he is controlling my mind or something cause he/she is giving me schizophrenia and I can't sleep like at all. I mean who lucid dreams about someone and just mess with their head. I honestly don't really know why he/she is doing this but its stupid. All he does is gets his friends and just keep me from sleeping. Can lucid dream be linked to schizophrenia.

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Re: I don't know anymore.

Postby tea » 02 Sep 2013 07:57

what do you mean by he's 'giving you schizophrenia'?
can you give an example of one of your dreams?

also, how does he look like?
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Re: I don't know anymore.

Postby deschainXIX » 02 Sep 2013 13:43

Schizophrenia commonly induces delusions that someone or something is out to get you or hurt you.
Well said.

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Re: I don't know anymore.

Postby taniaaust1 » 03 Sep 2013 00:14

No. Lucid dreaming is not linked to schizophrenia. When someone is lucid dreaming, they know they are asleep (or in a deep meditation state) and they know its just a dream.

If one started believing things in their dreams are real and are affecting their daily life, that could well be a sign of schizophrenia. A schizophrenia doesnt know what is real and what isnt real, they can not distinguish between imagination (halluncinations and delusions) and reality. That can lead to paranoia and other issues.

What do you mean by "giving you schizophrenia" ? Have you been diagnosed with this?
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