reoccuring dreams that are depressing?

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reoccuring dreams that are depressing?

Postby whalelion4681 » 05 Sep 2013 17:22

long story short i keep having these dreams where this i girl i adore, you could say
we kind of have a thing we hang out every now & then, but in my dream i always imagine her hooking up
w someone else, including my best friend and its all so vivid and it makes me truly depressed and angry as
hell when i wake up ..its shitty anyone help? I've been having these dreams almost every night for about two weeks

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Re: reoccuring dreams that are depressing?

Postby deschainXIX » 08 Sep 2013 02:29

Try mantras. As you're falling asleep, chant, "I WILL NOT dream about [insert girl's name here]."
Well said.

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Re: reoccuring dreams that are depressing?

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Sep 2013 03:16

Using that saying as a mantra will actually probably work as a reverse affirmation and have someone dreaming this even more due to thinking about it more.

Your dreams are the way your subconciousness sorts out or tries to help heal the stuff which is troubling you. If you are dreaming of a situation over end over.. its not going to sort out unless your situation in life changes so that symbolism stops expressing like that or the subconciousness or you managed to sort yourself out.

eg In real life do you like that girl? Maybe you need to come to acceptance that she doesnt like you in that way but likes another.

See if you can work out the reason for your dream and via doing that, once you understand the message it carries, it may stop.
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