Question about WILD

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Question about WILD

Postby Ikamon.13579LD » 06 Sep 2013 04:01

Ive read that there are several sleep cycles in the night all of which start as deep non rem sleep and end with rem as they transition into the next stage. Ive alos learned that rem sleep is when you dream and it is unlikely to dream or ever remember a dream from non rem sleep. A sleep cycle diagram i saw showed non rem sleep being the first stage entered when falling asleep. Suppose i were to perform a WILD and successfully fell asleep but into a part of sleep where i am not usually dreaming, would that non rem sleep time become rem sleep? Would i be dreaming in non rem sleep and would wake up to not remember my lucid dream? I know it is best to wake up several hours of sleep then go back to bed but for now i would like to see if there is any way i can attempt a WILD naturally going to bed.

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Re: Question about WILD

Postby taniaaust1 » 06 Sep 2013 12:26

Many people do WILDS right from going to sleep, so dont loose consciousness at all. I myself do that sometimes. As far as will you remember it? , I myself do wake myself up after I've had enough of my WILD to write it down. Maybe if I didnt do that, maybe it would be kind of harder to remember by the next morning. I personally find that I can do a WILD at any time day or night if Im at least a little sleepy.
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Re: Question about WILD

Postby jmmc137 » 11 Sep 2013 18:35

No the non rem sleep won't change into rem sleep. You would just have to stay conscious through the non rem to get to the rem. That may take some time depending on how far you are in your sleep cycle. Being conscious in non rem sleep is interesting though. I experience minute tactile and auditory hallucinations. It's almost like an extreme version of a daydream but nothing like an actual dream.

Back on subject, you won't be dreaming in non rem sleep, but you will experience settle things. And I have attempted to WILD by naturally going to sleep. I've only made it about 4 hours into sleep(felt like 80 years). I dreamed twice during that period. But doing this is mentally and surprisingly physically draining. I woke up so drained. But you can try it. Your first dream would be around and hour and fifteen minutes. Good luck friend:)

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