The Card of Control!

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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The Card of Control!

Postby LucidLink » 06 Sep 2013 18:04

So last night, I had an interesting lucid dream. Lately, I've either been having stable or unstable lucid dreams, and this one was surprisingly a bit too stable!

It started with me just leaving my body at some point in the night, so now I'm in my dream room lucid and aware. I have some slight movement issues at first, which this is not a first, so I worked it out and got myself moving more normal.

Then I noticed how stable this lucid dream was, I was surprised for many of mine are unstable lately. It was so stable and real, I was even beginning to doubt if this was a dream! (I do this often, I sort of second guess my lucidity even though I know I'm dreaming, it all started as a kid, because as a kid I had no concept of lucid dreaming, I was just realizing I was dreaming and that was it, and a lot of times I just wouldn't be sure even when I knew! So even back then, to make sure I was dreaming I'd do things I couldn't normally do. A form of a reality check I developed a habit of doing even since a kid.)

While going through my house, lucid, but still wondering am I actually awake right now? I decide to go outside, and when I pass the living room to get out the front door, (I always run through it to stabilize lucidity!:) ) I notice my dream grandma sitting on the couch. (Very usual of waking life)

I ignore her, as my goal is go outside, but my grandma follows me outside! Which was weird, she also said some words to me, and this really made me think "is she real? Is this all real? Am I really dreaming?" So ignore her, find the nearest window, and shove my hand through it. Ah! Relief! It goes through the glass, morphing through it without breaking it, letting me know for sure I am dreaming!

So now that I had all that handled, I started thinking of what my plan was to do in my next lucid dream. I forget what exactly came to me, but I tried a couple things, but the dream was so real, most of them didnt work. Like I tried moving things with my mind, but they stayed and it even made me question the dream again, but I remained lucid the entire dream.

Eventually I get sick of not having enough control, and I remember one of my dream goals! Inspired by the pocket challenge, I decided to pull a device out of my pocket that would grant me complete control! However, what I pulled out of my pocket, was not a device but a magic card....

I investigated the card very well, it was titled "Control", and then it had various other texts just as a magic card would. I believe the card was a "darkness" type, which I wasn't sure why.

And then there was text that said "to play this card throw it on an open grass field" so I ran around throwing it on grass yelling "I play the card of Control!!!" Nothing ever happened and I woke up against my will before I could figure it out -_-

But the card was cool! It never fails to amaze me, the things that are instantly created in a lucid dream. Lately I've been pulling lighters out of my pocket, just to admire the creative cover design around the lighter. It is always completely original, artistic, and perfectly made, with a concept even! I could not personally design a lighter or a magic card like these, and yet some part of me can do it in an instant?

Amazing haha!

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Re: The Card of Control!

Postby HAGART » 06 Sep 2013 20:48

I know the feeling of doubting whether you are dreaming or not, when you get a lucid dream in your house and you literally get up out bed, have a little trouble walking and then gain your balance. I assume I may have got up too quickly and come up with excuses. And although things are not as they seem, I still have my doubts and need to reality check.

And I do find the more realistic the dream, the harder it is to have 'lucid-dream-powers' like moving objects from a distance, or flying, or walking through walls. But they are so enthralling anyway, you don't really have to.

It's amazing how fast a brand new item can be created in all it's detail. No computer can do that, or if there is one, it would be a super computer. Our minds do it so fast, it is unbelievable.

I was expecting the card to do something, just as you were, and I find that odd. Perhaps it simply represented what you were feeling at the time. You felt like you were in control.
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Re: The Card of Control!

Postby LucidLink » 07 Sep 2013 16:19

Yes yes!! It's crazy, even when I'm "lucid" sometimes my lucid self is just not sure, so this is where my use for reality checks comes in. I don't do them too often in waking life, but when I'm lucid but still not sure they come in handy!

Yeah, it's weird. I mean it's all mindset then right? If the environment is completely believable which it often is, then we have trouble even when we are fully aware we are dreaming. I think a lot of life comes down to mindset and ego programs, not just lucid dreams, and if we could change these at the root, then it would open up a whole new world of dreaming and controll, as well as waking life and control!

Yeah that's also the biggest mind loop, because if the card said it was gonna do something, and I completely EXpected to do something, it should of. I think it came down to belief, which is another serious factor in dream control. I expected it to do something, but deep down I guess I didn't believe it even could do something. Another mindet and common problem we humans suffer from in waking life as well!

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Re: The Card of Control!

Postby tea » 08 Sep 2013 20:51

LucidLink wrote:I expected it to do something, but deep down I guess I didn't believe it even could do something. Another mindet and common problem we humans suffer from in waking life as well!

nicely said! :D

and overall, cool experience, thanks for sharing!!

here's another neat goal which i'm going to open a thread about, since it's as interesting to as the pocket challange: plant an unkown seed and see what grows! (idea by taniaaust1)

i'd love to hear your experience if you do it!
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