Sleep Paralysis Problem

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Sleep Paralysis Problem

Postby revolu » 08 Sep 2013 21:42

Hi guys!

I've had 3 sleep paralysis where the same problem reoccurs. Once the sleep paralysis starts, I start to feel vibrations, and I stay conscious throughout the entire time, however, after about 7 seconds, the vibrations suddenly stop and my sleep paralysis undoes itself. I then do a reality check and unfortunately, I'm not in a dream. Does anyone know why my sleep paralysis keeps on ending so suddenly? Thank you!

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Re: Sleep Paralysis Problem

Postby taniaaust1 » 09 Sep 2013 22:51

Vibrations with sleep paralyses are extremely common in those about to have an OBE. If you want to rather aim for that, try to increase those vibrations (work on making them stronger) and once they get to a certain point, you should be naturally thrown out of body. You may be more naturally inclined towards OBE and astral projection then the LD (which is a dream) state.

OBE state can be completely different to dreaming as its possible to be astrally out of body but in fact not dreaming at all!! Dreaming is the state of where ones subconsciousness starts manifesting. Sleep paralyses doesnt necessarily mean that one is going to start dreaming. Vibrations and sleep paralyses is an excellent state to do an OBE from. The vibrations mean that the astral body is loosening.

I suggest for people to work with the states their body is most inclined towards, for some it will be dreaming states or others it will be OBEs in the astral body without dreaming. With OBE, you wont need to reality check as you will be very aware then you transition away from your physical body, there is less confusion if you are awake or dreaming due to being less affected by the subconciousness. So i suggest just to keep relaxing and focusing on intensifying the vibrations as strong as you can to see if that is enough to get you out of body or not. (I like to do a summersault out at times when I know Im in the correct state to do so eg when my astral has loosened enough).
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