Lucidity, Safe Alternative to Psychotropics?

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Lucidity, Safe Alternative to Psychotropics?

Postby Shibby30 » 09 Sep 2013 23:15

Hello, I'm interested in lucid dreaming for exploring the unconscious specifically for inner work as I'm on a specific inner path. I keep having arguments with others who believe that psychedelics are a legitimate way to explore deep states of our heights and depths. I tend to dislike this idea of psychedelics for spiritual/psychological growth as one is high and without a sober view of their environment and body. While I do not wish to argue the point as many people see psychedelics as a legitimate method, I'm extremely excited about lucid dreaming as an alternative.

I dislike feeling altered, even by deep hypnotic states of meditation but dreams are a natural altered state of consciousness where our filters are down and we are directly in touch with our deep unconscious. The psychoanalysts and Jungians always worked on dreams after the fact, although the Jungians got closer by summing up dream figures as parts of the psyche to dialogue with in active imagination. But lucid dreaming makes any conscious dreamwork obsolete or at best an adjunct approach.

What a great untapped potential for inner work and exploration in this. One doesn't even need to trip or do anything excessive for this to occur.

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Re: Lucidity, Safe Alternative to Psychotropics?

Postby Peter » 09 Sep 2013 23:26

Best wishes for you journey. I agree that it is a safe way to explore other states and dont really use the term altered states as it is no more altered that the range of happy and sad. Living or interacting in this space with awareness is far superior to talking about the dreams and looking for hidden meanings and it is the direct experience that means the most to me.

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