Lucid Sleep Paralysis and Vibrations

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Lucid Sleep Paralysis and Vibrations

Postby Errevet » 11 Sep 2013 10:28

Last night i woke up at about 03:30 a.m. because of mosquitoes. After i woke up gradually ( briefly and repeatedly waking), i went to the toilet, drank some milk and went to my bed again. I realised that i would not fall asleep quickly, because i wasn't even a bit tired, so i was awake for a longer period. Thus, this was a chance for becoming lucid in the next sleep fase. I already knew what i wanted to try while lucid: meditate (observing my body sensations and breath). In the middle of a following dream i became aware of the fact that i was sleeping. After looking around me at the strange desert by night, i switcht my attention from outer to inner. While meditating, i was focused on inner sensation only, so there were no more visualisations except for some vage colours in 'the background'. So as i was becoming more and more aware of the lying body that was sleeping, i did also observe the paralysis i was in. The more i focused on this body that could not move, the intenser a vibration in my body became, and the louder the associated noise became.
When i went too deep in the feeling of my body, the lucidity faded, but i didn't woke up consciouss.

During a sleep paralysis I pretty often feel intens vibrations, sometimes slow and sometimes fast as a drill. (my heart or pulsations?) Sometimes it happens with a visual hallicunation, sometimes it is only vibrations. And when i'm not lucid this scares the hell out of me.

Do any of you people recognise this ? Do you think this is purely hallucinated, or a 'physical' thing going on in your brains or body?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Lucid Sleep Paralysis and Vibrations

Postby jmmc137 » 11 Sep 2013 18:24

I feel this all the time when I do the WILD technique. First, the vibrations and the "buzzing" sound that gradually increase. Then the vibes and noise get so high that it eventually plateaus and "evens out" until everything feels and sounds still and peaceful. Visually, as the vibes and sounds even out, the blackish background transitions to grayish and then a solid white. Almost like being in a tunnel then coming to the opening. After it goes white, it colorizes into a dream landscape.

I personally feel as though the vibes and noises have to do with the changes in frequency of your brainwaves. Most people don't know how the transition from awake to sleep feels like because they don't pay attention. I say that this transition is similar to changing the station on an old radio. You start on a station that is clear and then when you transition to another one, you hear the fuzziness in between and eventually it gets clear again on the other station.

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