beginner / with scary lucid dreams ? or just nightmares ...

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beginner / with scary lucid dreams ? or just nightmares ...

Postby astraj » 11 Sep 2013 11:55

Hi i hope you will take the time out to read this and help someone who is very scared/freaked out by the possibility there is something behind my dreams .

since i was 4 years old i have suffered from what the doctors called "night terrors" however during these episodes i have seen blurry figures and i have jolted awake screaming .... i even recall one time feeling the presence of something in my room and hiding under my duvet screaming till i "woke up" .

but as i aged i started having very vivid dreams ... they are so real ; the only way i can describe it is that i know im awake in the dream ; i can feel every emotion ; i can talk to the people in there but i dont feel like im actually there physically just in a dream like state ; after these episodes i remember everything so clearly that i have started to create a "dream diary".

i have come to this forum because i had a particular dream last night which made me wonder if i was dreaming about someone else's experience .... i will put an extract of my dream from my diary in here and maybe someone could tell me if i am experiencing lucid dreams ?

this particular dream has concerned me as i still remember his face ; the conversation we had .... the corridor etc..

it was about an execution that occurred in what i can only guess was a hospital ...

I was stood in a room full of people armed with guns ; a man stood up he said “ id rarther be executed then live like this “ they asked him how he said “ lethal injection” then he ran out into a corridor .. I ran after him I was crying and so was he ; we got to a door labelled “staff emergency “ a person who looked like a nurse was sat on the step on the stairs through the door ; I said to him “ don't do this we can do this together “ he looked at me and the next thing I knew he was on a trolley been wheeled into a room ; he was calling out for someone called "Mary" and for a brief second i saw a old women on a bed opposite... while I was with him ; I was crying badly ; he said to me “ if we could go anywhere now where would it be “ and I said “ I wouldn't id stay here with you” I put my head on his chest he said “ your miss popular “ … I laughed and I saw an injection next to him then I said “ ill never forgot you” ;; he smiled and then I woke up.

the one thing that is bugging me is who was Mary ? and why the reference to me been popular ? and why did i care for this man so much .......

thank-you if you take the time to advise me .

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Re: beginner / with scary lucid dreams ? or just nightmares

Postby dreamerinmiami » 15 Sep 2013 04:21

The best I can say is that when u become lucid try and confront the nightmare head on without fear and figure out what's going on. As for the dream u mentioned here, no one but u can decipher what's going on in your head. Try to think and put clues together. Hope I helped....

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Re: beginner / with scary lucid dreams ? or just nightmares

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Sep 2013 00:08

If you are aware during the dream that its a dream, that means it is a lucid dream or lucid nightmare.

I suggest if you want a dream interpretation to put all the details/descriptions in so its easier for someone to interprete, its all the wee little details which really help with that and help make more sense of the bigger symbolism of a dream.

It isnt uncommon to get names in dreams, sometimes real ones, other times made up ones.

Once you know you are in a LD nightmare, work to change it with remembering its only a dream hence people and things in the dream can be altered.
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