Shared dream concepts

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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Shared dream concepts

Postby Ikamon.13579LD » 13 Sep 2013 04:30

This happened a very long time ago but i feel like i should just put this out there. I am a very agnostic person (not like religious agnostic, just i doubt things and can never fully believe proof until i have THE absolute guarantee its true) anyway, a yearr and a half ago i had this dream. It went like this. The sky was a deep blue and i was in my hosue (walls all missing because there are never full concrete walls in my dreams). I see these rocks which my unlogical brain calls quantum rocks because they exist in two points of space at once but can only be interacted with in different ways one point at a time. The rock was resting on the ground in reality but my body experienced it as though it was above the ground by a foot or two. If i touched it onnthe ground, it wasnt there but i could touch and feel the rock above ground even though i could not see it there. The dream became obnoxious and frustrating because i lost a linear focus and my mind jumped all over the place. I started having ideas about making feaux-hovercars which the rocks would be carved into wheels then a car would use the invisible wheel and would appear to float. I was back in my house with a voice speaking to me. Turns out a dc was in the upstairs bathroom physically but the sound they produced was in the kitchen downstairs. I could not see them and when i went upstairs, i could not hear them. Next thing you know im skydiving out of nowhere off of a giant red flying aircraft carrier c130 thingymajig. After doing this several times i wake up.
A friend of mine who we we very close as kids. The last time i had seen him was around elementary school and he was finishing hischool. We were very much alike liking all things the other liked and having the same personality and whatnot. Anyway, all through 5-7 grade i dont see him once. He is in college and i start actually getting engaged homework. One day when my sister comes to pick me up (8th grade yar btw) i get in the backseat of the car and see him sitting there. Through conversation it comes up he naturally lucid dreams almost every night (i envy him) he tells me of a dream whre quantum balls are used to transport things around without friction or osmething and he tells me to get out my dream journal. I look through every dream and it was one of the few i did not write down and i am angry about that to this day. We could not compare them fully but he vaguely told me he remembered falling in the dream sometime in the next couple of weeks out of nowhere. I was very excited because he was trying to see if i remembered anything about falling so i told him about the sky diving scene. He did not remember what he fell from or anything but yeah i got excited so i dont know if it is a simple matter of coincidence that we shared dreams but as of right now my theory is that humans are capable of sharing ideas or concepts though idk... Brainwaves and such. Anything like inception, physical interaction and definable rules and roles only ceretain people can manage is of course extremely unlikely but was great plot device for the movie (i love thqt movie). I think i have shared something through a dream but whether it was significant or whether it was coincidence is lost history. People can always question all this dream science they are unfamiliar with so for now i will assume me and him shared a dream and im sticking to it and if i can prove i did it in the future ill let everyone know

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Re: Shared dream concepts

Postby Sun » 15 Sep 2013 12:38

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Re: Shared dream concepts

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Sep 2013 04:56

Dreams with fallling are VERY COMMON, its one of the common dream symbols. To know if one had a shared dream one would need to remember quite specific other things together in the dream.
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