Finding out how to heal in our dreams (a talk with a doctor)

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Finding out how to heal in our dreams (a talk with a doctor)

Postby Highlander » 14 Sep 2013 19:36

Today i had 6 dreams, 2 of them lucid.
I have read some articles on healing through lucid dreams and the fact that there are "dream doctors" in dreams that can help us. I decided that next dream i would find more about it. Today something happened on one of the dreams:

There are several people on the street. I shout out that i want to talk to a "dream doctor". The first DC i encounter is a young man. I ask if he's a doctor, he says no. I ask him to help me find one. We both shout out asking for one. There are some DC's that say they're not. I notice a tall, thin, middle-aged, blond hair man (it looks Australian), with a big mug with beer in one hand. I speak to him:
Me-"Are you a doctor?"
Doctor-"Yes, I am."
I tell my DC friend I found one and i thank him. We go near a wall to talk and with him, joins two more DC's, young fellows.
Me-"First of all: do you know we are dreaming?"
Doctor-"Hmmm ... I do not know... I guess so..."
Me-"So what I wanted to say is this: I have some health problems in my waking life, such as my thyroid, my column, some dizziness and my eyes."
I see surprised look of the doctor as he puts his hand on his head as if to say "Wow, this guy is all rotten inside." (I truly have these problems in waking life but they are nothing serious, thankfully).
Me-"I wonder if there is some way to cure this in the dream."
Doctor-" Naaah... that's something for the fish."
I do not know why he said that. He is skeptical and thinks that this doesn't exist. His friends say that it's possible to cure our health problems in the dream and that there are some people called Yogis that do it. I say that I have heard something about them and maybe they do it by using the energy of the body to heal themselves. They agree with me. One of them then begins to talk about something he's heard about a man who wants to exterminate the Yogis. But then i wake up.

-I'm from Portugal but in this dream, all the conversation i had with the doctor friends was in english. The friends had an accent like some region of the UK, kinda like the accent of comedians Ricky Gervais or Russell Brand. Why was it all in english? Is it because, before sleeping i see American and British series on TV and i read articles about dreams in english?
-The doctor did not help me much because I should have asked if he is a "dream doctor" and not only a doctor. Maybe i should have had different answers with a real "dream doctor".
-I never knew Yogis and i still don't know. I've heard of them in books and forums, but i never truly read of what they are or what they do.

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Re: Finding out how to heal in our dreams (a talk with a doc

Postby tea » 14 Sep 2013 22:08

great topic! i totally believe that healing via LD is possible because as far as i have learned, physical illness actually is a manifestation of the soul's illness/incompleteness.

can't wait to hear more about your doctor-encounters!

and by the way, while people who do yoga are called yogis, it's also a term for practitioners of tantric buddhism - something that really helped me shape my life to the better. those people practice the six yogas of naropa, where one of them is milam - the yoga of the dream state :D
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Re: Finding out how to heal in our dreams (a talk with a doc

Postby HAGART » 14 Sep 2013 23:18

Highlander wrote:Doctor-" Naaah... that's something for the fish."

They say the darndest things and yet we somehow know what they are saying.

I only have one language, but like you said, you read articles and watched TV in English, and I know my waking thoughts become dreams. I tend to dream about things I mulled about during the day. So I think that might be the reason, but it is only in my opinion.

I too don't know much about Yogis or that culture, but they do make an appearance in my dreams from time to time. (I don't know much about the culture, but I feel like I am in the presence of an Indian Guru type dream character sometimes). I don't know why. I still don't think it is mystical, but I resonate with their philosophies, and it impacts me with whatever little knowledge I know about it, and that becomes very apparent when I dream about it and get in touch with my 'true self'. (A lot of that Yogi-culture is about Mind Over Matter is it not?). I know of Baba's in India and they do outlandish things with their bodies, but I am no expert, but I must admit, I do dream and lucid dream about it sometimes too.

And as for self-healing. I believe it is possible because your mind is the one responsible for the auto-immune system and keeping your body healthy even if you're not conscious of it. It does it automatically subconsciously. But in a lucid dream we may be able to bridge that gap and influence our subconscious and, as a result, our physical health too. I have never done it, but it makes perfect scientific sense to me.
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