precongnative dreams

Discuss paranormal activity linked with sleep and dreams, such as out of body experiences, astral projection and psychic dreams.
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precongnative dreams

Postby WD320 » 15 Sep 2013 13:37

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday morning to you all. This is my first post to this forum and I'd like to share my experiences, I hope this first post leads to many stimulating discussions.

I am a 35 year old male living in Philadelphia. About 15 or so years back I had my first precognative dream. (actually if this is the wrong term for what I'm about to describe, please correct me.) Quite simply, I dreamed about a pile of rocks at a landscaping site. I don't recall the dream having a specific plot or story line, however I woke up with the image of the rocks etched into my mind. That day, I drove past it, I recognized the shape and size of the pile and the kind of rocks in it. A wave of something like deja vu washed over me, I immediately thought to myself, "I dreamt of that last night!" and for a few moments I drove along in a state of surprise and bemusement. I mentioned the event to a friend, and we laughed about the subject matter...A pile of rocks! Why couldn't I dream of the Pick-Four number?

Over the years, I've had a number of similar dream experiences, all of which have had little obvious significance. They happen sporadically, and I can recall the intensity and specificity of the images growing stronger over the course of two or three nights. And just as quickly as it beings, it disappears. Here are some examples:

I dream of subject matter that appears in a television program the next day (a fire-walker not burning his feet),
I dream of an image which appears in a book I find at a store the next day.
I dream of a decorative mailbox, the mailbox is attached to a house I have to take a picture of for work the next day.

So let's bring this up to present-day. I recently found this site in my readings and began a dream journal on 9/6. My goals are to improve dream recall, as well as become a lucid dreamer. Two nights back, I dreamed that I threw five dice and each die came up with five spots on top. (Mathematically, in Yahtzee the chances of throwing five of any kind is 1 in 1296. The odds of throwing any specific five-of-a-kind is 1 in 7776.) So guess what came up the next day? You got it, I threw five fives in one turn during a game.*

This information which surfaces in a fragments of dreams seems to be a cosmic tease! Sure its amazing to me, that I dream of an event and see it come true right before me--but I have no witnesses, and no way to quantify these events, aside from tracking the journal. It's as if my subconscious mind is suggesting some potential in my head than I can't yet conceptualize.

I'm curious as to your thoughts and experiences. I'm very open to discussion, so please feel free to respond here or send me a private message if you'd prefer. I look forward to connecting with all of you!


*I work from home and I keep 'fidgety' items nearby my desk for when I'm on hold or otherwise need to keep my fingers busy.

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Re: precongnative dreams

Postby mikeg313 » 15 Sep 2013 17:13

Hi Bill
Im Mikeg, I have also had precogs for many years. Some people say they dont dream, but we all do and we all precog, its just that some people are more open to it than others.
Some dreams help us with our personal fears and life's obstacles. While other dreams are needed to file what we have done. Some dreams is our fantasy or the last thing we think of before falling asleep.
But then there are precog dreams. We all have them. Some are just fragments of the future, while others are very vivid. Those main precog dreams, I tell. Recently my precog dream involved 2 persons investing in a business and it failed. So i warned one of the persons involved and told him be weary of the other that he will soon meet in the near future.
Like you, I have never had one with winning lotto numbers. My precog dreams are not accurate in minor details. The main event is always true ( death, accident, crashes etc) and the time frame, but the small details seem to be different, like the hour or words on a wall, slight name changes of minor dream characters.

So my theory is that time is round like a ball and the main event stays the same, just minor details change.
It like when we all thought the earth was flat. Everything in the universe is round.

More people are coming forward and telling us of there experiences, and I now see that it is all similar.
I am hoping that on this forum we can write our precog dreams and in case of a catastrophe, we may all have a similar pre-warning, but for now I am glad we can come together.

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Re: precongnative dreams

Postby ESPer » 20 Sep 2013 22:38

That's a pretty convincing one indeed, given the odds. I've also had many convincing ones, but always had at least a tiny shred of doubt whether it was exactly as I dreamt it as being or not. Or merely so similar that it created the recall. But then I received a text message one day that was word for word exactly as I got in my dream the night before. And when something like that happens it removes any doubt.

My view of how/why it happens is the same as with other ESP related experiences. That it's all a simple matter of evolution. Everything about us evolves over time, including our senses. What would intuition turn into given enough time? If it kept getting sharper it would cease to even be mere intuition anymore and more like a full blown psychic ability. I don't see why this concept is so hard for the scientific community to chew & swallow. It's completely logical when you look at it that way, not supernatural at all. And of course there have to be prototypes... that would be us.

I wouldn't even doubt that it already happens to everyone. It's just that not everyone's dream recall is good enough to retain it.
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Re: precongnative dreams

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Sep 2013 04:48

Your precogs I find very interesting as its far more common I believe to have precogs of things which carry greater energy eg disasters, emotional events etc. A little pile of rocks one wouldnt think would be giving off much energy to give a precog.

Anyway. my prophetic dreams are of the common sort, tend to be disaster or situations in which give off intense energy, I can get quite precise details come in and actually once saw the young girl who died a short time after my dream (in my dream I tried to save her from the fire but couldnt save her no matter what I tried). To me these dreams feel different then my usual ones and so I strongly suspect what I dreamed will happen, they can leave me feeling quite disturbed. The future event which came into my dream, usually for me it occurs 3 days after the dream.

For some reason I dont know why, my prophetic dreams tend to be of disasterous events only which will happen in Australia (thou once I did get the knowing and managed to save someone from that huge Indonesian Tsumani which occurred by warning him and getting to change his holiday plans to go to that area just before it hit (He actually then flew to England instead of where he'd planned to go as he know I had psychic ability so believed me when I was freaking out that he wasnt to go surfing in Indonesia) but that info didnt come to me via a dream but rather of a very very bad feel of the place everytime I thought of him going there and what would happen to him if he went there (He would of probably died).

Same thing when I was in a train disaster I tried to avoid due to a "feeling" I had that I'd be in an accident while travelling interstate so I didnt catch a plane with my friends and caught a train instead but still was in serious accident on way (6-7 died) so that one I couldnt avoid. I thou get about the same amount of prophetic dreams as I do with the non dream "feelings" knowing of stuff like that, thou havent had one of these for quite a while now.

Ive never thou had a precognative of not important stuff so yeah your post is quite interesting to me. I wonder why I havent? The only non important precog stuff Ive had is via astral projection other then by dreaming where I will see something as it is in the astral (not stuff about to happen but things I havent seen before and didnt know before the astral projection).
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Re: precongnative dreams

Postby mikeg313 » 28 Sep 2013 03:11

ESPer wrote:

My view of how/why it happens is the same as with other ESP related experiences. That it's all a simple matter of evolution. Everything about us evolves over time, including our senses.

This might be true. I feel the same that we are still evolving. At the end of the day, I believe that the Asians will be the dominant creature/homo-sapien since all the other races have many weaknesses.

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