Atomic nightmare

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Atomic nightmare

Postby Swift » 17 Sep 2013 13:45

Lately I've been having dreams about atomic weapons and nuclear bombs, which quite frankly is one of my biggest fears. Here's one of my dreams I recorded in my dream journal.

The dream started off with me, my mother, sister and my friend driving around. We came to a stop near a giant pile of peoples hard rubbish, where we were trying to get past a guard dog. We chased it around the rubbish in circles till we managed to pick up an item that we needed. We walked away and started to head back to the car.

Loud whistling sounds came from across the valley, where we turned to see 20 or so missiles fly up in the air and come crashing down at the far end of the valley. I felt a deep sickening feeling in my stomach as the missiles exploded on the faraway hill, just behind the city we were facing. They exploded into the 3 shapes, the other missiles exploding and fading into nothing. The sky grew red with fire as the 3 shapes, rolling flames, appeared for quite a while. The sound of roaring explosions was all I could hear. The first symbol, from the left was a giant mushroom cloud, the second being a downwards triangle with 3 horizontal bars on top of it and the third being a giant X. I turned to my mother and yelled "WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!? WHAT DO THEY MEAN!?" My mother ignored me, turning around to the car and pulling us with her.

We rushed in and drove down the road, the symbols still burning in the sky above the hill. We arrived at a store and we rushed out of the car. We stood outside a grocery store with heaps of other people, all trying to get in. I tried asking my mother again about what the symbols meant but she had no idea. She told me to ask someone else in the crowd. I turned to a lady and asked her if she knew what the symbols meant, and what the hell was happening. She told me that the first symbol, the mushroom cloud meant the end of the world. The second, the downwards triangle with the three horizontal bars above it meant that the land was barren, and nothing could be grown anymore. The third, the giant X means the death of the human race. My heart sank at those words and I remember contemplating whether or not to kill myself at that moment.

Before I could do anything, the store doors opened and everyone rushed in. My mother instructed us to get as much food and supplies as possible. I rushed inside, heading straight for the canned food. I saw a store employee spraying the cans and other items with a chemical spray. My head made the connection that she was spraying the food with the chemical which would destroy the food. I didn't have time to confront her about it, instead running down the other isles and grabbing as much as I could before anyone else could take it. I met up with my mother and the others and we hopped back in the car, driving as far away as possible from the explosions. My mind told me that this was something that was planned by the government, to destroy us. Dream ended here

Bit of a long read. I've been having these atomic/missile dreams all month now :C It may not seem scary to the average person, but I'm absolutely terrified of stuff like this. I record what I say in my sleep, and from the recording from this night, you can tell I'm not having a happy dream.

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Re: Atomic nightmare

Postby taniaaust1 » 21 Sep 2013 03:05

I've been having these atomic/missile dreams all month now :C It may not seem scary to the average person

That IS scary.

I loved how those DCs told you what the symbols exactly meant.
The only thing to fear is the fear itself

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