Street Light Interference (SLI)

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Street Light Interference (SLI)

Postby ESPer » 27 Sep 2013 01:08

Anyone experience this? It was probably the first paranormal experience I've ever had. Street lights burn out at a seemingly unnatural rate around me. Always when I'm right underneath them too. If that timing weren't so precise it'd be easier to write it off.

And it happened to my father too. In fact it's where I first heard of it, though I didn't know it had a name until just a few years ago. One time on a trip to NY he told me that street lights often burnt out right when he'd drive underneath them. He anecdotaly called it a "curse". I never really gave it much thought. But then many years later when I started driving I noticed the same thing, and when I came to the realization it brought back that dormant memory.

Twice I had a feeling of deja vu attached to it, and saw it coming just a moment before it happened. Both times I had witnesses. The first time I pointed to the thing and said: "that light is about to turn off", and it did as soon as the words escaped my lips. That friend thinks I'm some sort witch or warlock (it wasn't the only crazy thing I've done around him). Another time we were viewing (as in telescope/space viewing). There was this 1 light in an otherwise ideal place, and I looked at the thing with a vengeance (lol), and said "I wish that @#*& thing wasn't there!" And as I was saying the words I just like KNEW it was going to happen. It turned out as I pointed at it and said the words. Came back on as we were packing up to leave.

I've heard a lot of other people say it happens to them when they're stressed out and/or angry. But it seems to happen to me when I'm not thinking anything really, in a daze, daydreaming, zoned out (this is where the relevance to dreaming comes into play). I think I even get into a state of psychosis when driving... I forget the technical term. On long, straight roads. And a light turning off snaps me out of it and makes me become aware.

Just wanna see if anyone else here experiences it as well. In what situations? Etc...?

Edit: Found out it's called "highway hypnosis" actually.
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Re: Street Light Interference (SLI)

Postby LucidLink » 20 Oct 2013 21:04

Hi! I read this a while ago, and had no answer for it.

But just today I was looking through a book I own called "Beyond the Flower of Life" by Maureen J. St. Germain. And in it, she discusses our MerKaBas, and how they actually can cause this street light phemononon when turned on.

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