Isochronic Tones or Binaural Beats + More

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Isochronic Tones or Binaural Beats + More

Postby Creator » 28 Sep 2013 03:35

Okay okay okaaay. About that brainwave entertainment thing, which one is the best? Binaural beats, or isochronic?
(For lucid dreaming, of course.)

And one last thing, how many HZs do I need?

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Re: Isochronic Tones or Binaural Beats + More

Postby LucidLink » 28 Sep 2013 14:05

Isochronic tones are more powerful, and can even work without headphones. Their newer and more advanced then binural beats. A little research on Rebecca's websit would have told you this.

I'm not sure about the HZ, but I purchased some very effective isochronic tones from the websit Rebecca mentions.

Also their is a third option, that I find is the best of the 3. Have you heard of the Golden Ratio? There are tones that actually have the Golden ratio built into them, and these tones have a very powerful effect on my lucid dream induction and just meditation in general!

Here is a link to the tones I use every morning and night. They are indeed profound and powerful.

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Re: Isochronic Tones or Binaural Beats + More

Postby Number Six » 02 Oct 2013 09:18

I used a 1 hour BB track this morning from 7-8am. 6.3Hz

I didn't have much success until after the track ended and I rolled over on the sofa. Within 10 minutes I had full body paralysis, HI, vibrations and a dog snarling around my face. Sadly the dog took me by surprise and by even though it was only one second of panic, it kind of ruined the WILD because I couldn't be bothered lying on the sofa any longer.

The BB definitely put me into an altered state though - at the end of the hour I didn't even realize they had ended and I had partial body paralysis...the only problem was the position - due to my ear phones I had to lie on my back and I have most success when I get comfortable on my side.

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