Unexplainable, Bizzare, Crazy, Insane... WHAT ELSE?

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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Unexplainable, Bizzare, Crazy, Insane... WHAT ELSE?

Postby Creator » 29 Sep 2013 14:25

What.... The.. Fuck? So many obvious dream signs, but.. Indeterminate lucidity? I had 4 recall dreams, clear as hell. And I was talking alot in them, even yelling, dammit. I couldn't even determine weather I was lucid or not. My brain literately left me. This is the stuff what happened:
I flipped a light switch, to find these... (Things) standing in my room, I don't even remember what they were, no faces. But all I remember, is that one of them, on the very left, (there were three), was holding a tedy bear, but the bear was faceless. When I turned on the light, but only a bit of the room got fully lit up, the rest was pitch dark. Some light, but some dark, then I took it off, put it on, and the room fully lit up. So this is the weird thing, my dream self, all of a sudden, spins around like a tornado, rubs my hands together, stops. And holy shit, you should've seen the place, it looked like real life.

The next one, and this is the most bizzare - "I'm dreaming!!” I shouted. But......something was wrong.
Right after I said that, for some reason, I wasn't controlling myself... but the weirdest thing. It's like my brain took over me. But then, I think I knew I was dreaming, wait, no, wait, no. It was like.. a lucidity toggle war with my subconscious. But I lost. (Shit). So then, the most messed up thing happened.
Some guy named "Deus" killed one of my friends. I got angery as hell at him, my friend just died, he got away free with just his head, then somehow, he ordered some body online... And was moving normal. I yelled "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO DESERVES NO BODY, YOU'RE THE ONE THAT DESERVES TO DIE". Right after I said that, he just left. But at the same time. This -... A floating translucent image, of my friend appeared, he spoke: "You care so much!" and shot out of my field of vision. My dream self did nothing, and continued fucking around, and this is the last thing I recall, my "classmate" (she isn't my friend, I hate her" grabbed a knife, and slid it across another girl's face. I grabbed the knife out of her hand and said "What the hell was that for??" and she shrugged, like a moron. I put my hand on the girl that got stabbed's face, it was a perfectly straight line, that was only a milimeter deep, and it went over her eyelid. She was able to see, but she was on the verge of crying. I then said - in my mind "Don't cry". Then she just didn't. I didn't even say it out loud.

And I remember myself, this is the indeterminate stuff happens, after this I woke up trying to comprehend this, for 30 minutes. Nope. Everything was senseless. I couldn't even do anything, no interpretation. So I went in the basement, I told my dad "I'm lucid!! This is a dream!" and he told me to go upstairs. And I told him again, no reaction. Then my friend sitting beside him, made this weird face. It looked nearly distorted, but I don't know, it was at the corner of my vision. I then woke up.
(Not all the stuff that happened, actually. William and Kate were there...)
Some things I was thinking about during the day:
- Lucid dreaming, like the whole day I was thinking of it
- A brainwave entertainment soundtrack, all day..
- Scary things happening while lucid. I was kinda scared but convinced myself not to. (That was like before I went to sleep).

So guys, what do you think? And when is the best time to go to sleep, if you want to recall dreams?

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Re: Unexplainable, Bizzare, Crazy, Insane... WHAT ELSE?

Postby erichsa » 29 Sep 2013 19:26

How about language most of us use, and not gutter language. You come over a bit to strong, also we cant spoon feed you, you will have learn. Why did you chose Creator???.
Any how I wish you Happy Dreaming. :)

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Re: Unexplainable, Bizzare, Crazy, Insane... WHAT ELSE?

Postby Number Six » 03 Oct 2013 13:09

The best time to go to sleep is when you're tired - ideally you'll set a circadian cycle up that you can manipulate to your advantage.

As far as your dreams go. Violence and death rarely translate to violence and death. Bias and preconception cloud judgement far too much to take things literally. Chances are you just manifested a bit of cognitive dissonance in the form of faceless spirits,dichotomous light and aggression.

'You care so much' is about the only thing I'd pay attention to. It sounds either humorous, in that you take things way too seriously, or else reassuring, in that you're compassionate...personally I'm teetering to the former, but it was your dream.


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