Am I Doing Enough?

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Am I Doing Enough?

Postby iringo » 30 Sep 2013 01:50

So I had my first LD maybe 2-3 weeks back, after over a month of trying... I was so excited! This was after I had mainly given up with trying MILDs and WILDs and reality checks. I loved dream journaling though and decided to keep going with that, thinking that if it gave me an accidental LD I'd be happy. And it did! I did a reality check in the dream because the dream environment was strange, and I gained lucidity, and then tried to fly the car I was sitting in (feeble outcome). I thought that because I got my first one I would be having more... and really my question is..

Is dream journaling in itself enough to bring lucid dreams?

P.S.- my dream recall is good I think, I always remember something... either a few fragments on a bad day, or a several page detailed dream on a good one. :)

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Re: Am I Doing Enough?

Postby Errevet » 30 Sep 2013 22:13

First of all congrats!

I think dream journaling is a strong base that keeps your memory and awareness stronger.
While you are reconstructing your dreams, say writing it down or saying it out loud, you automatically memorize the recurring dream-symbols. And with these dream-symbols in the subconscious mind, it becomes more likely that you really recognise this in the dream itself.

Are you doing enough? That depends on what you want to accomplish. Our subconscious mind has its own, call it 'agenda'. What you go through at this deeper level has little to do with what you want to do at the surface level. And sometimes to much effort causes stress or sleep deprivation, wich is nefast for any kind of dreaming. Lucidity is often not the direct effect of the reality-check, but rather a more subtle awareness or logical thinking that was already there, or like you said: thinking that if it gave me an accidental LD I'd be happy, this could also have been the motivation. I also think that the effect of doing reality-checks on the subconscious mind, lasts longer than we think. The habbit patern could still be rooted deep in your mind, and could still be a trigger for lucidity after a few months of no techniques. Maybe to be compared with supercompensation in sport, but less time-bounded (more variable).
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Re: Am I Doing Enough?

Postby deschainXIX » 30 Sep 2013 23:36

iringo wrote:and then tried to fly the car I was sitting in

I've done that before! but I accidentally dropped us and the trauma of the crash to the ground woke me. :(
Well said.

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