3rd day - bumbling success

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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3rd day - bumbling success

Postby Number Six » 03 Oct 2013 10:49

Ok, please forgive the excessive detail, I'm writing this as much for me as for you.

I started applying some techniques at the beginning of the week in order to induce my first LC/OBE whatever. I would get up at 6, follow my daily routine (30 min light stretching/meditation + record my dreams) except I'd lie back down before having breakfast wearing my big fluffy hat, a snuggy and a blind hold.

Tuesday morning:
I got mild sleep paralysis lying in my house mate's bed after he went to work (shh, he doesn't know ;o!) and my arms felt all tangled up like an octopus, but nothing really noteworthy after an hour of lying down.

Wednesday morning:
House mate now has a cold (not my fault :O), so I skipped using his room and went downstairs to the sofa (I'm 190 cm tall so this didn't seem the comfiest of places at first...which turned out to be very important.) I skipped stretching, thinking it might wake me up too much and instead tried some binaural beats for an hour.

After an hour of lying on my back, I had nothing to write home about except that I felt super relaxed - though they did drown out the street traffic which is horrible at this time of morning. Anyway. I rolled over around 8 am and about ten minutes later I was aware of someone else in the room, walking from living room into kitchen. I tried to rationalize it, thinking our neighbor just got back from France and had come to visit, and as soon as I began to think about them consciously, I became VERY aware of them noticing me - in fact they came back from the kitchen and stood right over me, and I thought "bet he's wondering why I'm wrapped up in a snuggy with a big eskimo hat on xD)".

Anyway, less than a minute later I suddenly realised...WAIT A TICK! There's something fishy going on! And decided to imagine myself standing next to the sofa - well as soon as that thought entered my head, my body felt like it was attached to a chainsaw, my head began to rush, and a dog started snarling in my face, which took me by surprise and I think I messed up from there (but...)

This morning, Thursday:

Same routine as yesterday, except I skipped the beats and just lay on back for 20 mins, starting at 7 am, then got comfy. After about 40 mins of lying down in a comfy position (same as I'd used when Fido invaded my personal space), I got frustrated and rolled over and just decided not to move at all.

I'm guessing another 20 mins passed before I got really pissed off because I suddenly realized my arm had inadvertently spazzed into the air and I had sat up in order to rearrange myself, and then I noticed I was falling face first into the sofa (remember, blind fold) and thought "bollocks, screw it, I can't even stay still for twenty minutes)...then I realised I was still falling. Still falling. Still falling o.O? Then I realised I wasn't in my body anymore...that sounds nonsensical but I mean that my awareness had "one hundred percent" left the physical realm and I was still absolutely conscious of the entire experience. In relation to where I ought to be lying...here I am going to use diagrams because they are fun.

around 8:00 am: o____ ahh, comfy

around 8:01am: \_o| AHH UPSIDEZ DOWN! I also was moving like a leaf being blown on the wind but I was so intent on staying calm I didn't want to open my eyes in case I fucked up.

So anyways, I definitely felt like I was moving toward the kitchen and thought 'well I HAVE to open my eyes a little or I'll never know!' so I peeked out and had a full blown gladiator moment - wait here, I'm going to introduce youtube assistance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72uwmHsFSAg go to 1.54 if you don't already know what I'm talking about. (1.15 from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwMZIyNaPsA also wurkz! In fact, it's better!)

So I floated from living room to kitchen thinking 'AMGZ \\(Oo__O)// I AM GLADIATORZ' and then remembered that I needed to touch stuff - sooooo....I felt myself up like a pro and rubbed my hands and face and it was surreal how solid I was. I even felt warmth off my skin and was like 'Now wait a tic...am I "sure" I can't float about in real life?' That's how real it was - it made me second guess waking life. The kitchen was very real too (a bit blurry/sparkly, though I had just opened my eyes after an hour of darkness), it had even been cleaned which we only did last night...and the sun had also come up which was strange because it was pitch dark when I put my blind fold on...and then I was back in my body.

about ten seconds later I became aware that I was tangled up like a pretzel and I no longer felt super comfy. I gave it another ten minutes to see if I could do it again, but tbh I actually felt very satisfied and relaxed.


Although I thought I'd messed up on the second attempt after the dog had barked in my face, I think I felt quite similar to how I felt just prior to getting outsmarted by the sofa, so it is possible that I was successful the second attempt and just wasn't aware of it / didn't move.

I think being 'somewhat' uncomfortable, or at least somewhere that is not 'your' bed (house mate's bed is TOTALLY fine ;p) helps a lot because it helps keep you focused on what you're doing and discourages just thinking 'meh, fuck it' and going to sleep.

I've taken my fair share of mind altering substances and the feeling I had during this experience was unlike anything else. It was 100% coherent. I felt like I had danced all night to my favorite music and then fallen asleep under the sky in a big fluffy cloud of candy floss that was having sex with a nice warm wind using a vibrator - yes, that's how I felt. It was like 100% freedom except I was too inexperienced to go anywhere.

I also got the impression that I was like a baby that had just taken it's first step, and then fallen over on it's face. I didn't exactly sit up...or float out...it was like I fell face first through the sofa out of frustration and then got blown off in some random direction thinking 'OMG CANDY FLOSS SEX'

I was not alone. Ok this might be a bit creepy, but I want to mention it. Before I fell through the sofa, I was aware of something near the window. Not a person - it was like a shadow in the shape of a person, or an almost shape...like a blotchy person...but it was so black. Like...I noticed this thing in darkness...through closed eyes...under a blind fold, and it contrasted the dark like a black hole. I felt how dark it was. Anyway, this black hole dude, I've had a weird feeling about stuff like this for years now and I genuinely decided 'pfft, I'll get back to you.' like he was an inconvenience. I didn't actually feel threatened or anything, but that could just have been because I was all 'Oh, class, I'm trying not to move and now I'm falling face first into the sofa...Worst - attempt - ever. Oh, and there's a shadow monster sleeping at the window...bonus.'

But yeah, I don't know what to make of that last part, but I figured if I was a shadow dude that nobody could see, I'd like a mention - so, there we go.

Ta for reading, I get a bit carried away when I'm vomiting thoughts onto a keyboard - helps make experience more visceral.


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Re: 3rd day - bumbling success

Postby Number Six » 04 Oct 2013 10:09


Same routine - down into living room after house mate was away to work at 7 a m. Body fell asleep after about 20 minutes and I was able to induce vibrations at will this time. In fact, they were so intense it felt like the small of my back had a mild electric shock.

I lay with my face into the back of the sofa and had more strange audio experiences - this time it sounded as if something BEHIND my head, (so standing next to sofa but the sound wasn't in front of me, as it had been when I faced the correct way) was scuttling around. In my journal I described it as one of three things. Either...

a) the dog was back and was no longer barking.
b) there was a very fat spider running around.
c) the shadow dude was awake and had put on tap shoes in order to get my attention.

I am torn between a and b - I was able to induce the vibrations like five or six times and every time the noise was identical, and moving about the room and at first I thought "DOGGEH!" and then I just got the feeling that it was a spider. Dunno why, really.

Anyway. After that I was able to just get up. Felt much more confident, opened my eyes and looked down into kitchen - just as yesterday, the sun had come up while I had my blind fold on and was reflected in this experience, and everything was incredibly defined and...I don't want to say sparkly...but sparkly :<

Unfortunately, I felt very, very groggy - a bit like I'd just woken up in the middle of the night and was being told I had to go to the airport or something. I rubbed my hands etc and the experience didn't actually fade, I just lay back down and a few seconds later felt all warm and bubbly on the sofa again.

Rolled over and tried it facing the other direction, but I find it more difficult doing it a second time - I get so hyped and start to analyze it so much that I can't really relax as easily after doing it once. Was able to put my body to sleep eventually, but by this stage it was 8.30 and decided just to have breakfast.

I don't know why I'm having more success with this technique than with the MILD technique :S!


So...apparently. I'm a numpty. I never actually tried the MILD technique...or completely misunderstood it. Who knew you were meant to affirm that you'd have a lucid dream before bed :mrgreen: ? I thought it was all about THE SIGNS! haha.

Well, on the plus side...maybe I'll be less inclined to freak out and wake myself up if I actually have success with it, now that I've met fallen through the sofa. Don't even know who I'm talking toooo... 8-)

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