Eat style affect LD??

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Eat style affect LD??

Postby Sun » 03 Oct 2013 18:35

Hey everyone!!

I have another question, does your eat style affect lucid dreaming??
Like a comparing with a boy that eat a lot of junkfood and a other boy eating healthy things, like fruit, salade. etc.
DOes the boy that eats healthy have more chance of getting a lucid dream?? Or reverse?

Thanks bro's.

Number Six
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Re: Eat style affect LD??

Postby Number Six » 04 Oct 2013 10:31

I would presume so.

Junk food acidifies the body and causes inflammation, which can make it extremely hard to relax or remain calm and aware. It is also extremely difficult for the body to digest which means that it must waste a lot of energy to get rid of, energy that could otherwise go to focus and awareness.

Refined sugars also cause bipolarity with blood sugar, meaning people who eat a lot of chocolates and shit either have to eat them all the time to maintain a medium level of energy, or their body will essentially go into withdrawal and shut down, causing headaches and inducing excessive lethargy, which is the opposite of what you want for LD's - you want lucidity and clarity.

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Re: Eat style affect LD??

Postby tea » 04 Oct 2013 18:10

yes, of course!

i think Number Six said some important things, and i believe there are other points one could bring up. as for now, let me guide you to this link:
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Re: Eat style affect LD??

Postby Peter » 04 Oct 2013 20:23

I dont think so or at least not when you have good control of you mind. I have had LD after drinking (it gives REM rebound in the early morning) used to eat lots of junk when I travel and it didnt make any difference, drink coffee before bed at times and no problem so really it could affect some people and not others. Sometimes the effects of sugar or coffee allow me to drill into the feelings they create and use them to get lucid.

Also stress and worry can be used as a tool at times if you learn to observe the effects not become a slave to them
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