Hypnogogic dreams -Anyone else the same as me??

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Hypnogogic dreams -Anyone else the same as me??

Postby CRYSTALBETH » 04 Oct 2013 16:50

Hi, my names Beth and I am from London. For about a year now I have been having hypnogogic dreams.
When it first started I didnt know what was happening to me until I read up the symptoms of hypnogogia, of which about 90% fit my condition so Im pretty certain it is that.

Before I used to fight it, as I felt my body asleep but yet myself still present; still awake in the mind. I'd "shake" vigorously for atleast 3minutes. I'd feel as if I was really shaking in real life, when actually after the 3min mark I'd realise I wasnt; and In reality all I had managed to do was wiggle my big toe.

When it first started I used to feel an elavated heart rate, it would never stop increasing. It sounds stupid to say but I used to "run" from the sound, but as the condition progressed I'd learnt to "follow" it if you will. :?

My dreams would never be how other people with hypnogogia describe it, very rarely was I in the room I was sleeping in. Sometimes I would be, but most of the time I will go into a dream where the variables or reality are different. Sometimes extremely different and shocking, other times so much like reality that I would actually have to wake up and remind myself things had'nt happened.

After a while of just being in a hynogogic state whilst dreaming (I'd saying about 5-6months) the condition increasingly got wierder, I found that not only was I there watching/living my dreams as they where happening but I could also control things. However the degree of which I could control my dreams often varied as sometime it would just be something as small as looking in a direction, or looking at someones face. And then right at the opposite end of the scale I had a full lucid dream once (although short lived) I could control everything. I wasnt made aware of this by anything but I just knew. In that dream I imagined money in my palm and it appeared, this may sound disturbing but in this dream my brother just appeared infront of me... to prove to myself I was fully in control I told myself to use the control to rip him in half, which I did; and then put him back together again. After that I tried to start changing things about my appearance, but I woke up.

I have had many, many hypnogogic dreams. Too many to write down on here, however I do see that in my "scary" dreams that there is a pattern. I am always being chased by someone that is a rapist/murderer/pervert, theres always a struggle always a chase. Often theres someone I know with me, who when I look to for help or to talk about the extremity of whats happening they just shrug their shoulders and act as if its not happening. I know this particular type of dream is probably not something that happens in every hypnogogics dream and is more to do with my own past experiences.

I just want to know is there anyone else out there who can confirm their hypnogogia being the same as mine? Ive read and watched videos on the internet and most of the time people are just describing sleep paralysis and being in their own room as "spirits" or figures enter. I have never had this, and can honestly say that everytime; I go into a dream where the variables in my reality are changed (extremely or not extremely) but I cant tell myself its a dream, I dont know Im dreaming. It feels just as real as my everyday life, until I wake up and realise it was all a dream.

Im quite a raver, and over the year (and before :P) I have taken MDMA, Ketamine, AMT and some pills. I only mention this as Im sure after researching (but mainly seeing for myself) that taking these drugs, especially hallucinogens affects this sleep disorder.

Ive wrote alot, if youve read it all thank you and any response I will be greatful for.

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Re: Hypnogogic dreams -Anyone else the same as me??

Postby tea » 04 Oct 2013 18:21

hi beth!

first off: i'm not 100% sure whether what you described always are hypnagogic dreams - it seems to me as if you're having a lot of nightmares.

anyway, congratulations on your lucid experiences, can you tell what you did differently?

as for of the being chased part: the next time you're in that kind of situation, why not confront the scary part? i mean, have you though about turning around and yelling "STOP!", and then having a conversation with the rapist/murderer/pervert?
maybe this link could help you out: http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/escaping-from-nightmares.html

another question: are you still taking drugs? or was it some kind of phase?

and one last: if you could answer with just one sentence; what would you change in your dream/sleep life?
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Re: Hypnogogic dreams -Anyone else the same as me??

Postby HAGART » 04 Oct 2013 22:35

That was interesting to read.
What you describe I can relate to. I sometimes dream that I am in bed and it is very realistic and convincing at times and other times I am in a strange bed. They can happen as my first dream as I fall asleep and didn't realize it and still think I am in bed trying to sleep. And they can happen after a dream (usually a lucid one) and I wake up only to realize I am in a bed and still dreaming. Having being lucid in dreams for a while before I ever experienced these types of dreams, I know what to do and I get up and walk around and do some reality checks to makes sure. Then I am in control of my lucid dream.

So next time it happens, get up and walk around and see what happens.
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Re: Hypnogogic dreams -Anyone else the same as me??

Postby CRYSTALBETH » 07 Oct 2013 14:37

I'm pretty sure there not nightmares, I rarely have the scary dreams. The other ones are just not shocking enough to log or bore anyone with as they are too much like reality.

With the scary/running away dreams, I have once stopped it. But it was only when I was pushing enough to control my actions that something happend, at the start I had no control of the dream. I feel like it was only because of how angry I was gettin that I could do something.

I haven't done drugs in about 3 months as I've been having a break from the raving a scene. I guess u could call it a phase, one that's not over though.

The one thing I would change about my sleep life would be the negative dreams because they are scary.

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