im callin on you rebecca

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im callin on you rebecca

Postby hunteradkinson » 05 Oct 2013 04:29

look i like lucid dreaming but i have to be 100% sure about something i have had 3 dreams where i suspected i was lucid but im not sure here is one.

I was at the local highschool i recall being in a field of some sort i heard the bell ring and all of the students
came rushing out going down the road where a large rope was suspended in midair the Gym teachers
apparently wanted us to climb it i refused and watched the other people climb and fall for what felt like 3-5 minutes then i walked to some other students who had found a large stone (idk why i chose to dream that)
by this time i had realised i was in a dream i tried flying although all i ended up with was a few large hops then the dream abruptly ended.

was i lucid or was i just on the subject enough to where i dreamed i went lucid. if i was lucid why was this dream so blurry.

P.S sorry about the bad format of the dream that's just the way i recall it :ugeek:

also id like to ask rebecca personally (idk how often she looks at random post) how exactly long did it take you to get SUPER VIVID dreams im talkin full concious real life like stuff .

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Re: im callin on you rebecca

Postby tea » 05 Oct 2013 08:19

the key question here is: did you really realize that it was a dream? because if so, yes, it was a lucid dream. if you were just thinking about lucid dreaming, probably saying to yourself that it's a dream without realizing.. well that wouldn't be one.

so, did you realize it, or just think about it without triggering an awakened mind?

about the blurriness of your dream: just because you are lucid it doesn't mean that everything goes 100% just like you want it. especially as a beginner (or when you're a little rusty) it's a topic on it's own to overcome instabilities and lack of control.
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Re: im callin on you rebecca

Postby HAGART » 05 Oct 2013 23:31

IT sounds like a lucid dream to me. And many last only a few seconds for most who are new to it.
Even I who have had some long ones, still get the occasional 5 second lucid dream.
But it is a lucid dream that is for sure. (I also have others where I am thinking about lucid dreaming and even talking to someone about it, but don't realize it myself. That is not, but still close).
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Re: im callin on you rebecca

Postby btifuldreamer » 06 Oct 2013 12:02

I had a similar occurrence. Last night, i had a dream that i was at a market with my mum. She walked up to a cheesecake place and said i'm on a diet so can i get that cake on wholemeal bread, which she did. Nothing triggered it but i suddenly walked onto the pathway and said "I am dreaming. I am lucid." (I felt all superior to everyone else :P) When i said this, I wasn't overcome with a sense of reality like everyone says lucid dreaming is like, but i felt very slightly in control. Also the dream wasn't very vivid. After i realized i was dreaming, i thought i better help my mum and i started walking back and that's all i remember. So, to sum it up, i think i might have been lucid dreaming but i'm not sure as it wasn't very vivid and i didn't feel that much in control. But, is this a sign that i am close or am progressing to my goal of achieving TRUE lucidity?

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