Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

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Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby SydTheCat » 10 Apr 2012 22:38

Just was wondering how lucid dreamers feel about Dreamland.

I've read where people have told the dream characters that they are a dream, and they would respond
by saying, "How do you know I'm not dreaming you?"
Are we creating these worlds?
When we see our loved ones that have past, are they really them, or
our subconscious creating them as we remember them?
I personally believe we enter another dimension when we dream or astral project, and I think the people are conscious beings and the worlds are created by a collective conscious.
We are part of the collective, so I'm sure we have a part in creating things.

1. Do you think our subconscious is creating our dreams, along with the dream characters?
2. Are we actually entering another dimension, where the people are real?

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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby Snaggle » 11 Apr 2012 03:18

SydTheCat wrote:...I personally believe we enter another dimension when we dream or astral project, and I think the people are conscious beings and the worlds are created by a collective conscious.
We are part of the collective, so I'm sure we have a part in creating things.

Faith is faith, what is is, proof please.

1. Do you think our subconscious is creating our dreams, along with the dream characters?

That is the most likely and simplest explanation.

2. Are we actually entering another dimension, where the people are real?

No, as far as dreams, are astral realms just dreams- I think so.
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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby lucidinthe sky » 11 Apr 2012 07:07

SydTheCat wrote:1. Do you think our subconscious is creating our dreams, along with the dream characters?or 2. Are we actually entering another dimension, where the people are real?

Actually, dreaming is a conscious process. If you watch the brain waves, they are almost identical to waking life.

Personally, I think were are creating all of it, waking and dream realities. Reality is a projection we create on to the screen of our consciousness. Most of the time we are creating the "other people" in our dreams, but I think it's possible to enter other dimensions and meet other people. We have the ability to create anything we want, we just don't always have all of the information we need.
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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby torakrubik » 11 Apr 2012 23:15

The idea of the dreamworld being another dimension is a topic i would like to do research into. Personally, i believe this is in fact true, and that dream characters are 'real' but only whilst existing in the confines of said dimension.
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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby AscendedSleeper » 14 Apr 2012 13:39

Bit of both.

I've seen drone entities, which were projected by my subconscious. They have a hollow, mindless quality.

Other entities seem real, because they radiate strong emotional energy.

Also, dream telepathy is real in my experience, though I have no control over it.

I used to sell books by mail order, and dream about reading the back of a particular book.

Then I'd wake up, check my e-mail, and find an order for the same book. (One of around 3000 in my inventory).

In which case, some of the entities in your dreams may originate from living human minds.

Wishing you lucidity,


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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby Chrispy » 20 Apr 2012 03:00

I'm not sure they're real, but it's sometimes nice to think that they are. Since Lucid Dreams are very vivid, it's sometimes hard to think they're not.

Personally, I kind of hope some aspect of them could reach other dimensions or other planes of our reality. I lost my dad about a year ago and even though it's only a Lucid Dream, it's still nice to be able to sit down and talk with him. I guess it's only real if you believe that it's real.
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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby 12padams » 23 Apr 2012 11:35

Hi, you're in luck... Well you will be soon.

I am a researcher of the lucid dreaming/astral projection state but I call them both "the phase". My goal is to research a specific section of the phase for each year and document my experiences in a book per year. Last year my first book verified the existance of lucid dreaming and the ability to make a multistep plan and carry it out within a lucid dream. But this year... YOU'RE IN LUCK!!!

My book for this year is called "Phase Acquaintances - An 18-Year-Olds Nonphysical Social Life" which studies people within lucid dreams. Unfortunately I have just started writting it and made my initial goals/plans so there is no content yet... But here are my 5 main goals (not plans) to achieve throughout the book:

-   Meet people and creatures within the phase that I have never seen before in real life.
-   Speak to phase people and obtain details such as their name, age, hobbies and appearance to get to know them better and revisit them in future phase experiences.
-   Befriend a phase person and get them to pull me into the phase as I sleep at night. This should become the perfect phase entry method, remove my fear of being in the phase by myself and become a lucidity trigger if I see that person within a dream.
-   Allow my best phase friend to show me around their house and introduce me to their family, friends and life. I will attempt to look up the details that the phase person gave me to see if they actually once existed or currently exist in real life.
-   Discover if I can bring the consciousness of a phase person into the physical world by allowing them to physically wake up in my body instead of myself.

As you can see I am going to spend a year performing very interesting research which could finally determine If dc's are real and if they can pull us into a lucid dream each night if we ask them to. At the back of the book is a "profiles" page which will list all the people I meet during my conscious lucid dreams in which I follow my plans.

If you are interested in checking out my research feel free to visit my blog and download my free ebooks (all my books are and always will be free). Remember that "Teenage Phase Adventures" is a book with my raw phase experiences/lucid dreams however my other books suck as "Phase Acquaintances" cover everything including the techniques I use to lucid dream as well as analysis and even my normal dreams and sleeping patterns. An early version of Phase Acquantances is available at the link below but its only got planning in it and nothing more so dont expect answers just yet :)

Hope all goes well!
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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby Chrispy » 25 Apr 2012 19:21

It's a shame that someone who writes books doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're." :lol:
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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby devoney » 05 Jun 2018 07:54

I think there is intelligence there which is beyond my current awareness. If you call that other entities, or subconsciousness doesn't really matter I think. What is your subconsciousness anyway? Maybe that is the web in which we are all connected, who knows, it is beneath our current accessible knowing, hence sub-consciousness. To answer your question more concretely: it is as real as anything else you experience, in the literal sense. Where 'real' means (from the dictonary): occurring in actuality. But as soon as you attribute concepts to your experience, and believe those concepts to be fact (not using the word real here, as it doesn't apply), you create an illusion (erroneous perception of reality).

So yes, the communication you have with those characters occurs in actuality: the moment you experience them. And no, everything you put a label on is never the 'thing' itself. You see, the image of your self is an illusion as well, so the image you have of anyone else, so also the distinction between you and other. Maybe you can ask a different qestion if this confuses you: does it work together or not. So, does the communication you have with them work, like the way your car, phone, body, etc works. Does it create, or is it part of a greater functioning whole? Because things that work are, things that don't work are not. Ever seen a driving car that didn't work?

I've asked a dozen of questions to several different characters in several different dreams over the past years. The replies I got were very different. Some seem to not answer my question, but start blabbering which I couldn't follow. Others immediately answered, although cryptically which took me some time to figure out what they meant. Others replied with factual data that I was not aware of before. And some didn't want to answer, consequently, to the same question. I've picked out a few questions I asked with answers I got.

How can I help you?
This was replied with "how can I help you"?

Who are you and what are you doing for me?
I thought that I created the whole dream world and everything in it. I approached people from behind, took them by the shoulder and turned them around and asked the question who they are and what they were doing for me. As in me, I am god of this dream, this is all mine, and all in it must be here in function for me. I asked it two persons and these replies: I am not letting you take me by the nose. It is a Dutch saying which I didn't even know what it meant exactly. I looked it up and it means taking a bull by the ring in its nose so you can move him wherever you want. The second answer was: If you work with us, you will know.

Tell me about my reincarnations or past lifes
I asked this question like 5 times, in 5 different dreams, over a period of months. The first answer I got was that 3 people needed to discuss my request first. One came back and replied: come back later. The 2,3, and 4th time I asked the question (all different dreams) I got answers like: "Are they doing that here?" Which made me think that I assumed that reincarnation is a fundamental mechanism. But I have no proof of that. And answers like someone shaking his head, not willing to answer. The last time I asked the question (different dream again) a person shook his head with the message not to look into that subject, and he took of. I went after him and found him (same dream still) and grabbed him his arms, asking to help me (so didn't ask about reincarnation, but for help in general with this question I have). He replied: first loose the bagage. And suddenly I had this backpack and some other bag around my neck. I dropped them, and the subject of reincarnation and past lifes felt lighter ever since.

Do you know Mike?
I asked this question while I was incognito, so to speak. And got an answer: "Yes I knew him". But I wasn't dead, right? SO I asked, what do you mean? "He used to be together, but I do not see them together anymore and I miss that other person". I woke up and it took some time for me to realize the following: the dream character referred to my being and intellect being apart and I was mainly driven by intellect, forgetting my being (or my true self).

The following was not a question but my grandmother approached me in a dream. I meditated before going to sleep, and had a slightly heightened awareness. She called out for me drawing my attention. She said my mother had a seriously restricted blood flow in her neck and I should make her aware of that. The next morning I looked up some symptoms my mom described a few weeks before that: loss of sight, tingling sensations in some of her limbs. And that could have been caused by reduced blood flow to the brain. This didn't cross my mind before having seen my grandmother in the dream with her message. So I called up my sister and mom which both confirmed that my mom was having high blood pressures again the last few days. Something I was not aware of. I urged my mother to go the hospital, but she didn't want to. I asked myself, why not and got a reply (not in a dream but just during waking hours): You did your job, you pointed her attention to it with much emotion (as I was crying on the phone and stuff), now leave it, the rest is up to her.

So do I believe that those characters I see in a dream are made up by my self? No way. Or that self is simply all there is and I have split myself up long time ago, not knowing I did, and all that I am not aware of is my subconscious. But as those dream characters replied, it is not my dream and there is only: working together.

So the interactions you have mean anything to you with respect of growing your consciousness and quality of being? Most of the interactions I have do so for me. I think that is all that matters. The rest is just conceptual thinking by the intellect. You and me might well come from the same energy source. Just like a computer runs multiple applications but the source of energy is the same for all: electricity from the mains.

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Re: Question: Are Dream Characters Real?

Postby baccuss123 » 05 Jun 2018 09:37

BOTH Dude!

You can tell what is in your head and what is not.

Takes a bit 'o practice

I have personally traveled to the spiritual worlds numerous times over the years via lucid dreaming.

There are specific things and or environments that you can use as sign posts as to where exactly you are......
IN your own head dreaming....
or in the spirit world.

.... other places.

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