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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby Rebecca » 23 Jan 2014 16:51

Creator wrote:I posted my question on the 29th of November..

When will it be answered?

I see your question... we will get around to it in a future issue. Like I say, we did four very detailed answers in our first (December) edition, and have four more lined up for the forthcoming edition. We're just answering them all on a first-come-first-serve basis, excluding only those questions which we feel are very common (and already covered in detail on the website) or just plain didn't make sense to me! I am finding some questions challenging and thoughtful and I enjoy answering those the most.

Yours will come, it's a good question.
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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby hkmb777 » 26 Jan 2014 19:21

My question is this;

Sometimes when I'm lucid dreaming I tend to have blackouts. They last for about five seconds. I'm sure they are not a signal that the dream is about to fade because most of the time I get back into the same dream after having one. What causes these blackouts and how can I prevent them from happening?

P.S - They tend to happen even after I have grounded myself and stabilized the dream.

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby hkmb777 » 02 Feb 2014 14:32

This is my second official question and it actually has nothing to do with lucid dreaming. I'm asking this question on behalf of one of my close friends.

I have a friend who has a ' Sleep Talking ' problem. Her conversations in sleep include short ineligible excerpts as well as full-fledged animated telephone calls. Moreover if you talk to her during this time, she has a tendency to reply quite truthfully. They have a frequency of happening once a week or so. They are not quite severe but have a downside which is that she can't keep any secrets as she sometimes blurts them out during sleep. (Before anyone says that she shouldn't keep any secrets and be truthful all the time, I would like to remind him that everybody likes to have their own secrets.)

So what is your advice for her on how to overcome this or at least on how to prevent saying things she doesn't want to say during sleep? (Apart from seeing a sleep specialist. It isn't a severe problem.)

P.S. She doesn't sleep-walk or sleep-eat. She is 17 years old and keeps a strict sleep schedule and leads a healthy lifestyle. The sleep-talking problem is not a recent one and she says that her father also used to sleep-talk.

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby Vuddhav » 05 Feb 2014 01:44

I've researched a lot on lucid dreaming. I've tried to find the possible dangers. Few books say-"lucid dreaming for a long time/in depth will weaken your barrier between reality and dreams."
If this happens we wouldn't know the difference between false memories and the actual ones :(
This is very dangerous right?
And some books say-"lucid dreaming leads to multiple false awakening which at one stage will make you go bonkers"
Is this actually posible?
If you prove that these are myths(via scientific approach ) you'll get
1) another crazy fan on your list!! :D
2) I'll start lucid dreaming and encourage my friends too
3) you'll find another order placed for your product!!

Pls clarify as soon as possible

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby Mike Park » 11 Feb 2014 02:20

I've been having a recurring nightmare of being chased and killed by a killer with a knife. How do I heal this nightmare? I became lucid once in this nightmare and I was so afraid of being killed and forced myself to wake up even though I knew it was a dream. It's so scary and traumatic. How do I heal a nightmare?

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby AgentZain231 » 27 Feb 2014 08:47

Can this situation be called lucid dreaming?

I've woken up, and trying to get back to bed. I've just remembered that I can do lucid dreaming after waking up and going to sleep again. While trying that, one of the signs is sleep paralysis right? I could feel electricity flowing, the feeling that when one part of your body is going numb. Then I can't move. And also I hear a sound. But rather than the rain stuff they call sound, it is like a ping sound. Just like the sound from an old cellphone, the one that makes morse code stuff ring tone.

Then I opened my eyes I think in the dream and somewhat gray, the place is blurry and I couldn't move my body. But when I could move it, in my it feels like my soul or something get out of my body. But I can hardly move and hardly keep my state (Lucidity I think) stable, I got up just like a man pushing himself from the bed. But I didn't saw my body. But I also somewhat hear people from the outside.

I stood up and looked at my hands, still everything is still gray and blurry. Then I did a reality check. Pushing my finger to my hand, and yet it didn't go through. Can this be called lucid dreaming or am I close to creating a lucid dream state? I know I'm not in a dream in a dream state, because I've done that many times, in where I've had many false awakenings.

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby teeroy79 » 08 Mar 2014 22:15

I seem to remember alot of dreams a night. I would say at least 5 dreams or more. I know I'm dreaming, I know that when I try to fly and I do, I feel safe because the world isn't real. I can almost do this every night at least once. What does this mean? I'm so new to this Lucid Dreaming concept and I have yet to find anyone with similar experiences. My main concern is, is it a problem to recall so many dreams, and why do I remember so much of them?

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Came here for Chronic Sleep paralysis issues, please help

Postby Evarie » 17 Mar 2014 10:39

I have come here in need of help. I have chronic sleep paralysis that has occurred almost every single time I sleep as far back into my childhood as i can remember. Many times multiple episodes in one night. Also, I cannot remember a dream as far back into my childhood as I can think that has not been a lucid dream. Up until I was told otherwise, I had always assumed that lucid dreams were the norm. Research into my real issue of damn sleep paralysis led me here to the world of lucid dreaming. I am 24 years old and have episodes of sleep paralysis almost every single time I go to sleep. As a child, it was multiple times per night, I quickly taught myself how to deal with them, over time everything became routine but none the less still extremely annoying and they are an experience I would really care not to have. This has caused me to develop some serious sleeping issues, and as i have gotten older the really really bad episodes of sleep paralysis, the ones that last the longest and continue on and off throughout the night come in waves, with maybe a few days of good sleep and then a week of paralysis episodes. I learned pretty quickly that using substances like alcohol, weed and sleeping pills will keep this from happening. I have also heard that for those trying to become lucid during dreams attempt to actually induce sleep paralysis on themselves to reach this. That is where I thought that someone here could maybe help me, i cant continue down my current alcoholic path to avoid these experiences, connecting them with something positive like lucid dreaming seems like the most promising idea. The only issue is lucid dreams are my regular dreams so there in lies the issue then. Any suggestions would be really helpful, it seems as I get older, even though the paralysis episodes may spread themselves out, the intensity is just continuing to grow. I will probably avoid sleep tonight because now it is in my mind and probably wont be a very fun night haha. I can't express the level of gratitude I would have for any suggestions or help given. Thank you.

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby wertygerty30 » 30 Mar 2014 18:11

is it possible for a lucid dream to be longer than reality, for example: if your sleeping for 2 hours could that mean you could have a lucid dream for 2 days?

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Re: Ask The Experts - Daniel Love and Rebecca Turner

Postby mylifeaskayla » 26 Dec 2014 18:11

Hello - I had an experience that I can't quite figure out. I've never had anything like this happen to me before....

I fell asleep on the couch - and from my understanding, my relatives came in and were having a conversation with one another next to me. I could hear their exact conversation - and I guess I placed that into the dream aspect unintentionally. (I do have history with lucid dreaming, but I've stepped away from it recently) Instead of the living room - the setting was a car dealership, and I was responding to both of them. (however they were not responding to my answers/comments directly in the "dream" either.) I was giving very detailed thorough responses. This lasted the entire length of their conversation (which was quite long - at least 15-20 minutes they said). When their conversation ended, I woke up a little after it, and was very confused. I asked if I had responded at all to what they were saying - and I was told that I had not said a word and was "sleeping." I confirmed what they were saying and it was spot on.

This is really confusing - a "dream" state - where I was able to dream up a completely different environment/setting that was not lucid dreamt. (including wind that moved those multicolored flags at the dealership )...but I could accurately remember external information?? I'm really unsure of what happened, and I cant seem to find any good information on it - so I ask you for help/opinions. Please and Thank you!

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