Join global lucid dreamers in London this November

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Join global lucid dreamers in London this November

Postby Fearghal76 » 11 Oct 2013 09:50

Gateways Of The Mind will take place on the 9th & 10th November at The Tabernacle, Notting Hill, London, UK

Now just less than one month away - this years biggest dedicated lucid dream, OBE and shamanic dream event - Gateways Of The Mind is now close to selling out!

At Gateways London this year we have altered the programme format slightly to include even more practical exercises - this time making sure that all of the teachers will engage with the whole audience in various energetic, meditative and journeying practices all designed to help you in your exploration of consciousness be it through lucid dreaming, OBE's or shamanic dream practices.

Confirmed teachers for this year are:
- Stanley Krippner PhD - 'Indigenous Shamanic Dream Practices Of The World'
- William Buhlman - 'How Out Of Body Experiences Can Improve Your Life'
- Michael Winn - 'Lucid Dream Qigong & Taoist Alchemy: Science Of Shaping The Dreamed Self'
- Clare Johnson PhD ' Lucid Dreaming As A Creative Tool'
- Tim Freke 'Lucid Living' - Life is not what it seems to be and you are not who you think you are …because life is like a dream and you are the dreamer.
- Martin Duffy - 'Shamanism, Druidry and the Celtic Tradition: Dream Practices Of The British Isles & Ireland
- Luigi Sciambarella (The Monroe Institute) 'The Exploration Of Altered States & Belief Systems - Getting To The Next Level'
+ Host for the weekend Charlie Morley - Author of the brand new book 'Dreams Of Awakening' from Hay House Publishing
+ 2 live panel debates at the end of each day where the key themes will be discussed with the teachers and the audience will get to put their questions to the panel

For full information on the speaker line-up and more detailed information on their presentations and practical exercises - please visit the event website -

A Deep Immersion Into Consciousness

This year we have introduced a host of new features to further stimulate your mind and help create an experience that will really shift your perceptions of reality. These include:
- A live meditation soundscape performance from Second Nature - using a host of instruments that will help you journey into consciousness
- A live healing sound bath featuring gongs and Tibetan singing bowls. These powerful instruments help shift your consciousness into a different place using ancient and primordial sounds
- Ongoing free demonstrations with the Lucia Light Machine. Experience a different state of consciousness through the use of light!
- A visionary Shamanic & Dream Art exhibition featuring 5 leading artists including author of 'Multidimensional Man' - Jurgen Ziewe. Full details can be found here -

Over 80% of tickets now sold

This years event is heading towards a sell out. The venue has a capacity of 250 and with 80% of tickets already sold - this means that tickets are now very limited. This is a very real possibility that we will sell out some time before the event as currently interest and demand outstrips availability. There is no possibility for extra seating at this venue so once the tickets have all been sold thats it!
Tickets are available for £150 for the 2 full days and can be purchased directly here -

Many of last years attendees have already booked their tickets and we hope that we will see some of you again this year too.
In fact not only have many of last years attendees have booked again but some of the speakers from 2012 have also confirmed they will be in attendance - figureheads from the community such as; Robert Waggoner, Graham Nicholls & Mary Ziemer. They will be joined by other well known authors and teachers such as Keith Hearne who is widely acknowledged as the person who first scientifically proved lucid dreaming in western science!

Gateways Of The Mind - London 2013 will be the biggest gathering yet of some of the finest consciousness explorers of our time.

If you are interested in enhancing your lucid dreaming practice and taking your explorations to the next level then this is a must attend event!

Hope to see some of you there

Happy Dreaming

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Re: Join global lucid dreamers in London this November

Postby tea » 11 Oct 2013 15:59

sounds great, but that's a little too far away for me, sorry :)
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Re: Join global lucid dreamers in London this November

Postby Rebecca » 13 Oct 2013 12:26

Very excited about the conference... I'll be there too! :D
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Re: Join global lucid dreamers in London this November

Postby Vonozar » 15 Oct 2013 22:06

Rebecca, you should be listed as one of the teachers! You definitely deserve to be. You're an excellent teacher.

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