New Here; Lots of Questions

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New Here; Lots of Questions

Postby TDreamer » 11 Apr 2012 15:54

Hi. I am glad to find this blog. I have been having lucid dreams for a little over 10 years. I cannot control them, and I have no idea when I will have one. I don't really know what it going on, but the experiences have been real enough that I have come to expect them and to even want them to happen. I will never forget the first one I had, and how it affected me. I got up when it was over, and checked on everyone in the house to make sure everyone was ok, and then I sat in the living room for a long time, just trying to figure out what had just happened. I had never had a dream like it before.

I come from a very conservative background, and there really isn't anyone I know that I can talk to about this, so for the past 10 years, I mainly keep it to myself.

It started after I came down with neuropathy due to low vitamin b12 when I was in my early 30s. So I know that the b12 shots probably had something to do with the beginning of these dreams. But, I still have them, even when now when I don't take shots anymore. They are very random and I enjoy them. I have gotten some better at accepting them when they happen, so they last a little longer than they used to.

I have questions/need opinions on some of the experiences I have had through the years:

-- The best dream I have ever had was flying over an ocean as the sun was coming up. It did not last long and I was sad when I came back. I do not remember getting there, it just happened. I don't understand why I didn't stay, because I was very happy and wanted to stay.

-- Once, I was at a lake and I was walking on water. I will never forget the feeling of the sensation under my feet. Then, I was so excited to be having a lucid dream, that I wanted to go find someone to have sex. As soon as I said this out loud, I felt like I was just thrown back to my body and I woke up. It made me feel like I had done something wrong.

-- Having these dreams has really given me hope of a spirit and an afterlife. The only sensations I have had of OBE is once I felt like I was coming back into my body after a lucid dream, and another time I felt like I was lifting my head out of my body. But the main thing that has excited me, was once I was in a lucid dream, and my uncle that had just passed away, came over and swooped me up and put me in a chair. Then it felt like he was holding me down so that I wouldn't fly away, and then I felt myself paralyzed back in the bed with my eyes closed, and I heard him speak into my ear -- I love you. Then I said I love you too and I instantly woke up. The voice was very real.

-- I have had some lucid dreams where I am moving through space like a roller coaster. Anyone else have these?

-- I read on the site that a mirror that looks like water is some kind of doorway? Once, I had this happen to me where I had water over me in bed and I was trying to touch through it. Of course it didn't last long.

-- Does anyone else hear voices that sound like it's some kind of radio or TV broadcast?

Anyway, I know this is a lot, but I'd appreciate any feeback or advice. Hopefully I don't sound too crazy!

Thanks for listening.

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Re: New Here; Lots of Questions

Postby Peter » 11 Apr 2012 20:42

All of what you describe is normal for the stages and experience's of a LD, when you get chucked out of a dream it is more likely from the emotional excitement and loss of control than doing something wrong so don't get hung up about that sort of stuff as all it will do is hinder process. Start trying for some stabilization techniques, hand rubbing or some such thing and you will progress fast from there.

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Re: New Here; Lots of Questions

Postby torakrubik » 11 Apr 2012 23:14

A lot of your points involve extreme or heightened emotions, which is to be expected in any kind of dream anyway. Also, your last point about tv broadcasts and such, i can relate to to some degree.
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