Tips for a beginner lucid dreamer?

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Tips for a beginner lucid dreamer?

Postby dccavalier » 14 Oct 2013 22:33

So I've been reading a lot about lucid dreaming and even wrote my first college paper on lucid dreaming so I've decided to start. I've been really busy lately so I actually haven't got around to during exercises and methods like the MILD and WTTB. But I think since I've been focusing on lucid dreaming lately it caused me to have a lucid dream this morning. The thing is I knew I was dreaming and even repeated "I'm dreaming" but for some reason I didn't think of anything fun to do like fly, it just carried on like a normal dream. I wasn't in control of my dream and I was wondering if there are any tips how I can become more aware and control of my dreams.


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Re: Tips for a beginner lucid dreamer?

Postby tea » 15 Oct 2013 09:20

hi there! congrats on your first lucid dream!

memory and reasoning doesn't always work that well in dreams, so it's very common not to think about your lucid goals or think rationally. it once took me several lucid dreams to finally do a specific challenge i was planning to do. i just never remembered to do it!

one thing that can help in this case is to set dream-intentions. you can do that by either thinking a lot about what you want to do during the day (and be very clear about it) or another way is to plant the idea into your subconscious. rebecca talks about that in her free e-course ( but it basically works by doing some sort of meditation:

when lying in bed, ready to sleep, relax. when you feel that you're ready, slowly imagine walking down (or up, however you prefer it) steps. take every step consciously and view them as levels into your subconscious. i like to do 10 steps, but sometimes (when there is a lot going on inside my head) i lose track and my thoughts go somewhere else… so maybe less stairs can be better.
when you reached the bottom (or top), the idea is now to plant a seed. this seed would be an idea, or your goal. a technique i like to use is writing the aim down on a piece of paper (in my imagination), and then leaving it down there.

after that you can slowly go back up or fall asleep right away…
here's a nice link for more intentions-stuff:

as for the awareness and control:
check out dream-stabilization. here's another useful link from this website:

hope this helped in any way!
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Re: Tips for a beginner lucid dreamer?

Postby dccavalier » 15 Oct 2013 20:08

Thank you so much! I'll give those ideas a try! Thank you!

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