lucidity as a problem solver

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lucidity as a problem solver

Postby tea » 18 Oct 2013 10:30

hi guys!

last night i had a lucid dream which (to me) shed new light on the whole topic of using lucid dreams for solving problems.
it was nothing deep, but nevertheless interesting:

... i'm sitting there, with an iPad in my hands, looking at a photo. it is scaled down, so that the imge fits into the screen, but i just want the objects be lifesized! so i simple use two fingers to enlarge the picture (just like iPads work). obviously, most of the image gets lost since it goes beyond the borders. at this point, i say to myself: "this is stupid, i would like this to be different." and then an idea pops into my mind which essentially says: "let's become lucid to find a solution!" (there are no words, just the idea of doing that)
so bam. i just decided to become lucid.
i look at the iPad and the enlarged picture and another idea comes up; i grab the device on two opposite sides, and start pulling it apart. i can feel a little resistance and something like a grinding sand-like vibration as the iPad gets stretched out, but all in all it's as easy as pulling apart a rubber band.
at this point the device is like almost 1 meter long and 20cm wide. the image has not been stretched out, but those parts which exceeded the size of the screen, obviously are visible now.
i repeat the process with the other side so i end up with a giant (1x1m) iPad - and now able to see the whole picture in it's original size.

then, at this point, i don't need lucidity anymore so i switch it off and go back to a regular dream.

i could have done stabilization and carried on lucid, but i didn't want/need it in that moment.
something i've never experienced before... :)

have you guys?
in which way(s) have you used lucidity as a problem solver before?
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