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The Xedalia is here

Postby mondmadlin » 27 Oct 2013 14:53

Hello folks,

my name is Madlin, I am almost 16 years old now ( birthday on 3. of november) I come from germany and I always were interested in everything that has to do with the abilities of our human mind, with the dream world and abilities we could learn.
Also I am an interested in many paranormal things, as I am haunted by spirits since some long time now- but that doesn´t have anything to do with lucid dreams :lol:
I already had that idea that one could be able to controll dreams, so I googled it and stumbled across "lucid dreaming".
That was like two years ago, a few days ago I got confronted with it so yesterday I decided to try it.
I often dreamed in the past, but mostly these were nightmares, with the time that decreased and the past year or two years I didn´t really remind anything of my dreams, I wanted to change that along with learning how to lucid dream.
As I read that meditating helps I already got worried, because I somehow never were able to meditate, everytime I calm down to my very limit, I begin to get crazy thoughts, it is like a dream I can´t controll, everythign stretches and gets messed up, I try to controll my mind but it just won´t work, so I stopped trying to meditate.
So I read through other techniqes.
By the way, I have a quite darkened mind and somehow since one year I feel quite bad, my mind feels sickened I dont really feel life anymore, also I became bad at reminding things, it is today more like I would do something I got "programmed" for, liek a robot, I got a really messed up mind with the time, it always was messed up due to a "difficult" past but back then I could still somehow hold everything together, but now everything seems to get loose and swirl around my mind, I can´t really concentrate, I want to use lucid dreaming next to having fun, to get my mind back into controll.
Yesterday I tried over the day touching with my right hand my left one, trying to go through it, I thought about how lucid dreaming is gonna be, tried to improve my self awareness by own techniques because I noticed that I didn´t really know anymore, that I am actually existing.
And tadaa, tonight I had 3 different dream I could remind almost completely, and in the third I became lucid, it was a totally awesome experience wich can´t be described, I couldn´t really do much yet, but I could move around in my dream freely, before I got distracted by the awesomeness and slowly forgot to keep in mind I am there and the dream turned non-lucid just before it stopped.
But as long as it lasted, it was great.
Even though when I tried to grow wings, it didn´t really work yet, or when I jumped down the balcony and wanted to create an earthquake by doing so, it only vibrated a bit.

Thank you very much Rebecca.

Though I am worried if I am gonna have another lucid dream tonight, I really hope so, I wanna try out so much, after all there is only the limit of your fantasy.


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Re: The Xedalia is here

Postby LucidLink » 27 Oct 2013 15:14

Wow congratulations!!!:) you have done well, many can not accomplish this so soon. I wish you continued sucsess:)

Also, meditation would actually be the most valuable thing you can to "get your mind back in control".

Everyone has those crazy thoughts, the key is controlling those too, and once you do that, you can enter into yourself and fix the problem:) mediation is an ancient powerful practice, and it's used for far more then just becoming lucid. Being lucid from meditating is just a lucky side affect, the true value even science has proved about meditation. It can lead to fixing all the problems you've described and more, is just gonna take some will power and breathing! :)

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