My first lucid dream

Tell us about your first lucid dream - and your latest. We want all the juicy details. Also share results of dream challenge experiments.
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My first lucid dream

Postby mondmadlin » 27 Oct 2013 21:25


yesterday I tried some reality checks and much of thinking about lucid dreaming, I always think ALOT so that was just, normal...
Note that I didn´t remind any of my dreams the past like.... two years, of course there were a few I reminded but..... a few heh.. :mrgreen:
I used to be an intensive dreamer before, though never had a lucid dream, most of my dreams are nightmares.

And all of sudden I was able to remind 3 dreams, still have them in mind and in the third, wich was a nightmare in wich I got followed through our house by slenderman, I turned lucid, I mean that there was something that made me realize I am dreaming, I am not sure if it was my own mind, the look of my hands or the old man who played chess nearby who said something that made my realize it, anyways I suddenly was compeltely consciouss of all that, totally aware of what I was doing, that feeling was just amazing, I already knew that there was another slenderman around the next corner, I walked full of courage around the corner stood up to slender, pointed at him and said "Move you dirty a** away I am not scared of you!" he began to tremble and disappeared, I were so amazed and ran out of the door, I immadiately wanted to do stuff, I stood in the right position and thought of growing wings, I felt something, looking over my shoulder on my back and- nothing :cry:
That was the point when I realized that I needed practice at controlling all that :roll:
I still laugh about that moment! :lol:
I couldn´t hold my excitement, jumped over the balcony railing without any fear, planned to create an earthquake when I hit the ground and - It vibrates a bit
Better than nothing :)
I saw a gnome like creature walk upstairs to the balcony, it had two big... laserpointer like thing in his hands, I saw that he was able to like shoot the lasers at a point and lift himself up by it, dont know how to describe it, I wanted those too and immadiately held them in my hands, I walekd a bit upstairs, aimed at a mountain wich is just in fornt of our village and jumped, I lifted up and it felt AMAZING, everythign was so real but out of excitement I lost my main goal of being aware out of focus and lost my awareness, I landed on a small island next to the mountain, next to wich was water what is usually not there.
One of my classmates was there and wanted to make a bet who reaches the next island first, I agreed, he began to swim, I aimed at the island, jumped and ...... got stuck in a popcorn cart :( I dont really know why but there was a popcorn cart :lol: He wanted to try again, I agreed once again, aimed, and had to notice that the batteries were running low what caused me not being able to aim at things so far away, Iwhen the batteries were empty the dream ended.....

I hope to experience another lucid dream tonight because the last one was kidna short :roll:

But a friend of mine now said that lucid dreaming would be a kind of sleep paralyzis and is not good for my health :( I am kind of worried about that...

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Re: My first lucid dream

Postby HAGART » 27 Oct 2013 23:29

Sounds like a fun dream.
Not everything I try in a lucid dream works, and things can appear for some reason beyond my control. Like that pop corn cart.

Learning to lucid dream is one thing, but learning how to control it is another. Most of the time I just jump around and have fun too and don't remember any particular goal I had in mind.

mondmadlin wrote:But a friend of mine now said that lucid dreaming would be a kind of sleep paralyzis and is not good for my health :( I am kind of worried about that...
You certainly were not paralyzed and I bet you feel great and in good spirits afterward. Listen to yourself and your dream and not your friend.
If we all lucid dreamed this world would be a better place.

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