Someone help me wtf is going on

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Someone help me wtf is going on

Postby whalelion4681 » 01 Nov 2013 08:41

Ok I woke up in middle of night and I heard this like whipping/ringing sound it would go off then after 10 seconds it would go off again in sets of three than it would repeat for about five minutes. i turned off the fan to hear it more clearly but then it stopped i know for a fact it wasnt the fan i was fully aware I was awake wtf is going on? Why ami hearing things that aren't there I also took Vyvanse in morning and l argine be pill w b6 help

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Re: Someone help me wtf is going on

Postby tea » 02 Nov 2013 08:18

ok... i don't have much experience with supplements but let me try this.

1) are you sure it was 'something that wasn't there'? maybe it was some background sounds from outside?
sometimes i can hear construction workers or similar things when lying in bed.
2) maybe it was some kind of hypnagogic sounds?
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Re: Someone help me wtf is going on

Postby Tomatos » 02 Nov 2013 16:12

That sounds like some kind of alarm or phone ringing to me,is that a possibility?
also,could describe the sound a bit more?

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Re: Someone help me wtf is going on

Postby lucidinthe sky » 02 Nov 2013 16:44

Sounds like typical HI sounds to me. I heard the phone ringing the other night and almost got up to answer it, then realized "that's not even my phone ring!" I've heard glass breaking, car horns, hi-fi rock music, all sound perfectly real but are not. The quality of these HI sounds can really be amazing so it could have easily been HI. I find they are especially strong when you first go to sleep.
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