Good technique I thought of to improve your dream recall

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Good technique I thought of to improve your dream recall

Postby Kman43759 » 06 Nov 2013 02:00

Ok so heres how the technique works, you actually perform the technique while your dreaming so you don't have to go write something down when u wake up and your really tired.
First of all you have to get into the lucid dream. Now once your in it just go have some fun! and when your ready, run everything you did in this dream through your head at least 3 times WHILE your still in the dream, and then wake yourself up. How it works is the memories of the dream will be memorized in your head when you wake up, because in the dream you memorized everything that happened!
This technique would be even MORE efficient if after you performed this technique and woke up and then went and wrote everything that happened in your dream journal.
BUT you don't have to do that part at all. Any way TRUST me this technique helps ALOT, tell me if it helps you :D
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Re: Good technique I thought of to improve your dream recall

Postby Highlander » 06 Nov 2013 11:39

I do this when i want to remember a DC's name. In the dream i ask his/her name, then i ask him/her to repeat it and then i repeat it 2 ou 3 times more.
But sometimes it's hard to memorize stuff in the dream. It's like we have a short attention span or our brain is kinda drunk.

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Re: Good technique I thought of to improve your dream recall

Postby HAGART » 06 Nov 2013 20:05

I've tried this, but often get false memories when I try to remember while still dreaming.

Repeating what dream characters say helps a lot though. Then you don't just have the memory of hearing it, but the memory of actually saying it too. Sometimes I'll even write it down on paper in the dream as if I'm a reporter doing an interview.

I find it much easier to remember a number than words, so I will often remind myself, 'there were 3 things that person said, and I'll remember later.' When I wake up, I remember '3 things' and then ask myself, what where they again? It tends to help because if I only remember 2 things, I'll keep trying to remember that 3rd one, knowing it happened. Otherwise I would wake up and assume maybe there were only 2 things and never knew there was a 3rd one.
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