Randomly have stopped having lucid dreams D:

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Randomly have stopped having lucid dreams D:

Postby Kman43759 » 12 Nov 2013 02:47

I am usually able to lucid dream at least 1-2 times a week but recently I haven't been. It's been going on for 2 weeks and it kind of sucks cause 80% of my non lucid dreams are complete nonsense garbage
What do u do when this happens?
What should I do?

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Re: Randomly have stopped having lucid dreams D:

Postby Highlander » 12 Nov 2013 11:27

I guess this is normal. Sometimes we have a period of not having lucid dreams.
Take my example. I have 1 lucid dream per week for several months now. But 3 months ago, i had a period of 2 weeks of not having lucid and non-lucid dreams. I had no recolection of dreams whatsoever. And i have a good recall. Then, all of a sudden, i had 15 LD's en 13 days. This is kinda random. It's wrong to think that ww will always have the same amount of lucid dreams every week. Don't stress about it. When you least expect it, those lucid dreams will appear.

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