I only found out this year what it all means, help please x

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I only found out this year what it all means, help please x

Postby Thaliaday93 » 14 Nov 2013 13:18

My name is Thalia Dayim 20 years old.
This year I went travelling with my friend and he is very intellectual. He started telling me he was practising lucid dreaming, but i hadnt a clue what it was. When he told me I was so shocked! I had an image of me telling my best friend when I was 10 years old and she said 'No, I dont believe you sorry I think youre making that up.' After that I didnt tell anyone again.
I told my travelling friend that I have been having these ever since I can remember and he couldnt believe it. I told him how it was always in the playground and when I was about 5 years old I had a dream I was naked in the playground which made me remember I was dreaming so I kissed the boy I fancied.
Ever since then I have had them, Im not sure what triggers it but they have always been happy.
BUT! In the last two years ive gained anxiety and I have the worst night terrors. They scare me so much and theyre so vivid my family cant believe me when I tell them what happens. I have gained a fear of lorries on the motorway after I dreamt I had a car crash and now I cant even bring myself to learn to drive. These night terrors got so bad I was about to see a doctor, but I went travelling and didnt have enough time. In the last few months of being home, my nightmares have become lucid. I know Im in the nightmare and about 2 weeks ago I let a murderer stab me just to check I was dreaming. Last night my nightmare was that the government was taken over by a terrorist group and I quickly said to my firends 'I nedd to go home, I know I'm dreaming i need to keep a low profile because I cant let anyone notice me, something bad will happen.' So i kept making my dad pick me up in hidden places, then I was getting frustrated because I was there for what felt like 3 days!! I didnt know how to wake myself up! I felt so exhausted this morning I could go to university and Ive been feeling depressed from all of this tiredness and I really dont know what to do.

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Re: I only found out this year what it all means, help pleas

Postby R99 » 14 Nov 2013 13:41

welcome to the group.. U R IN RIGHT PLACE. in my experience wen ever u tries to talk about LD to ur friends or families , u get a cold look in their eyes. its just bcoz they have no experience about it. feel free to share ur experience, here we have very experienced dreamers who can help u. and about nightmares, there is a common fact about it. it will come to people only who is terrified about it. people like me (loves nightmares.) dont get much nightmares. if u get more terrified of it, the more comes 2 u. by the way its just an introduction. see u around. if u want to beat the nightmare, u have to practice LD. the more the better. we all here to help and share.........
"A curious mind cannot be afraid of Unknown. It searches for the answers untill the end of time."

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Re: I only found out this year what it all means, help pleas

Postby TillyPink » 15 Nov 2013 01:21

Hi there,

I'm very new here but wanted to just say i read your post and feel for you. There is a section on 'Sleep Disorders' in the board index - perhaps repost there?

I really can't offer advice apart from keep talking about your experiences and write them down. Sounds like you really do need varied support. Hopefully some people here will have some information that you can follow up. And talking here will no doubt be supportive too.

TillyP xx

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