I'm surprised it took me this long to look for this place

Drop a line here to introduce yourself! Let us know your background, where you're from in the world, your lucid goals.
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I'm surprised it took me this long to look for this place

Postby JustinCase » 14 Nov 2013 19:58

Hello all. I've certainly been guilty in my life of being a bit verbose at times, I'll try to keep this succinct.

I suppose my best way to explain how this all seemed to start, it'll likely sound unbelievable and ridiculous, but I think it's far too coincidental not to be true. Prior to July 2010, I probably did have a couple lucid dreams somewhere in my life, but that's all -- a couple. And I certainly didn't remember any. Then I saw the movie Inception opening weekend, a film that's all about lucid and shared dreaming. In the now roughly 3.5 years since, I have had a few dozen lucid dreams, all told. It's not like I was suddenly trying to have any, but it would seem it was more on my mind and in my subconscious, as I really liked Inception and have seen it multiple times and talked about it plenty with others.

Another factor that I feel like I can't ignore in this, I have suffered chronic pain for the last 10 years, and regularly been on strong prescription pain medicine. Even long before lucidity became a regularity for me, I would VERY often have extremely vivid and complicated dreams, and I would almost always remember all of them (or at least, for the first couple of hours after waking). I'm sure this is a side affect of opiates. I usually have to get up to go to the bathroom multiple times a night (and hell I'm only 37), so I have had lots of nights where I have as many as 5-6 totally separate dreams. I've also had plenty of nights where I had more than one lucid dream per night.

I'm not entirely proud to admit, so far the most common thing I've accomplished with lucid dreams, me being a single heterosexual male, is seeing women naked :mrgreen: I have often had the ability to make things appear out of nowhere completely at will. At first I was choosing to see a particular female friend of mine who is quite attractive and whom I wouldn't mind getting the chance to corrupt, as it were, but more often lately I've been making a favorite actress appear by the name of Alison Brie. And, I don't want to go too far into this yet as I'm brand new here and don't want to offend or over step my bounds or anything, but certainly more than once I've been able to take it so far as to fully have an orgasm within the dream (and wake up with a bit of a mess in my bed).

One of the biggest things however that I want to share for now, there are a couple tricks I feel like I've learned along the way to keep the lucid dream going for as long as possible, because as most of you probably know, it can be damn hard to keep them from falling apart around you (or morphing into something you don't want). The main one is, I've learned to actually not to try and take too wide of a look around in my surroundings. The more slowly I go with my gaze within a lucid dream and don't immediately go to my peripheral vision, the longer I can keep it going.

Alright well I said something earlier about wanting to be short, so for now I'll keep it there... :lol: Thanks to those who put this place together.

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Re: I'm surprised it took me this long to look for this plac

Postby R99 » 15 Nov 2013 05:45

Welcome 2 the group. u got experience, good. This site is a hangout 4 people like us. feel free to blog. and one more thing, go easy on 18+ thingy lots of minors here :oops: . see u around..looking forward 2 ur experiences, baaye...
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